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  • Gotswana House - McPricely
    6.2K 410 12

    When Kevin Price's OCD peaks, and his family have tried every kind of therapy out there, they decided to try a new kind of treatment. A group of kids, all suffering, share a house. Instead of focusing on 'curing' his patients, Dr Gotswana focuses on teaching them how to live in spite of their illnesses. Which Kevin th...

  • Let All Our Feelings Out
    842 30 6

    Connor McKinley was taught that having feelings for a boy was wrong. When he meets Kevin Price, his world view changes and he gives into a happy life with him. Until horrible tragedy strikes. Warnings: Death, violence. I don't own the characters in this story. I got the cover from Google. Yeah, I didn't know what to m...

  • My Dear Boss
    3.9K 319 20

    Connor McKinley is the drama/choir teacher at Salt Lake High. He is loved by all of his students, but what happens when he gets a cute new boss? Kevin Price just got a new job as principal Salt Lake High. He goes in expecting to just deal with normal problems that a principal faces, but what will happen when he meets...

  • Accept It - Mcpricely
    1K 17 2

    When will these spookie mormon hell dreams stop

  • Coffee and Glitter
    7.6K 442 35

    **DISCLAIMER the first few chapters SUCK so try to bare through like the first three. They get better I promise** Mcpricely fluff so fluffy it'll be like choking on cotton candy. But pretty much it's just little adventures with Kevin and Connor

  • Touch Me
    43.4K 2.1K 141

    Love is not a sin •trigger warning• Several depictions of mental illness, trauma, as well as irresponsible coping behaviors

    Completed   Mature
  • Welcome to Highschool
    7.6K 455 31

    Connor McKinley is a closeted homosexual because he lives in a Mormon household. But he did have the greatest boyfriend until something happened in the eight grade that caused him to be afraid to fall in love again. He's determined not to love again. He's determined to turn it off but it didn't work. It never works. B...

  • {McPriceley} (Finished)
    88.9K 4.3K 46

    This story takes place during the events of the musical and then continues after the show ends I feel like I should give this an actual title but idk what I would call it. Comments are much appreciated. ♥ 🌈

  • Just Some McPriceley Smut
    2.6K 29 1

    yeah its just two gay mormons enjoy

  • Missing You (mcpriceley fanfic)
    1.9K 85 3

    Fan-fiction for the musical The Book of Mormon •Pairings: McKinley/Price & some Cunningham/Nabulungi