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  • 2018 Poet of the Year Contest
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    Hello and Welcome to the Poets Pub's 2018 Poet of the Year contest. This contest is only open to those poets who have qualified, through participating in our other contests throughout the year.

  • The Favoured, The Fair and Ms. Vérité Claire
    170K 11.1K 25

    Julia Swift is terribly sexy. Unfortunately, there's nothing she can do about it. Working as a seamstress, she hides in plain sight from a world she fears only wants to use her - that is, until she is claimed as a personal stylist and taken under sheltering wing by vivacious socialite, Vérité Claire, a glamorous ecc...

  • Expiration Date (Books 1 and 2)
    22.3M 1M 171

    Now a digital pilot for SYFY The Society knows when we're going to die. They imprint it on our arms at birth. I was supposed to die yesterday. I'm the girl who's Expired. Winner of the 2020 Readers Choice Awards Cover by @Forcade

  • Dead Suitors Tell No Tales
    21.4K 1.5K 11

    There are secrets hidden deep within the walls of Sagewick Castle. Crown Princess Amarantha has an unusual pastime that she will do anything to keep hidden. She walks a fine line between breaking the law and acting like the perfect lady. If she is found out, her life is over. Wanted criminal Daxton Grove is in the roy...

  • Silence is Golden
    32.6M 1.9M 50

    Silent. Cold. Chiselled perfection. That is Rikkard Ambrose, the most powerful business mogul in Great Britain. Free-spirited. Fiery. Definitely NOT attracted to the aforementioned business mogul. That is Lilly Linton, his personal secretary and secret weapon. The two have been playing a cat and mouse game for...

  • Aethernea : Soulbound [Book 1]
    542K 57.5K 163

    [Best Fantasy Story Winner at Fiction Awards 2016] In a world where everyone can use magic, Kiel is a non-mage - until he makes a deal that would change his life forever. A deal that ultimately pulls him into a web of lies, ancient riddles, and fatal secrets, where one wrong step could bring his untimely demise. Blur...

  • The Hippie and the Whale
    428 53 1

    This is childhood story about a chance meeting with someone. The meeting was innocent and pure and has followed me all of my life. I still don't know who that was, or why it has affected me the way it did. I sometimes even wonder if it really happened.

  • Don Pedrito and the Devil Wind
    480 63 1

    This is a short story about a man that lived in my neighborhood when I was young. Though I saw him almost every day I had only a few encounters with him. This is one of them.

  • The Convict Chronicles
    15.6K 1.3K 8

    These are the stories of the people I have met during my over 20 year career in law-enforcement. They are all true. Some of them are ugly, others sad, but some are hopeful. Some of these people are on paths you can predict, others will surprise you. Whatever the case you will see that we all are a bit closer to each...

  • My On Again Off Again Relationship With Facebook
    410 56 2

    I have an on again off again relationship with Facebook. Some days I love it and some days I can't stand it and disappear for months at a time. I have had thousands of friends on it and at times chiseled it down to under a thousand. I have broken up with it more times than I can count.

  • Strange Times
    296 46 1

    My one and only attempt at fiction. And for some ungodly reason I am still in it. I am going to have to get over that. It's about me about 30 years later meeting up with an old friend and the state of police relations. I think I wrote it about 5 years ago but it's pretty timely with what is going on now out there. Let...

  • The Flavor of Us
    756 78 1

    How old were you when you figured out the world was not really what it seemed?

  • Why write?
    343 55 1

    An answer to the question "why write?"

  • In Search of Alex Fuentes
    957 125 1

    Date my daughters. I dare you.

  • I Blame My Selfie
    700 94 1

    Damn people and their selfies.

  • Ramblings of an ex-cop...
    496 63 1

    Ramblings of an ex-cop

  • Good Cop-Bad Cop
    558 68 1

    Tell me all your secrets.

  • I Shot a Man in Reno...Just to Watch Him Die...
    430 51 1

    Things you already know not to do but you do them anyway. Why? I'm not gonna lie, you do it because you are stupid. Cut it out.

  • Can I take your order, por favor?
    365 56 1

    Wanna know what the best thing is about living in the Rio Grande Valley? It's so damn close to the United States.

  • Chasing Words
    3.2K 555 12

    Here are just a few thoughts I have about writing. I don't care if you are a professional or an amateur, I think you will recognize yourself in some of these words. I would love to hear your opinion.

    201 23 1

    Dedicated to Robert Alvarez... Where would I be without you?

    549 81 6

    No we are not Austria, and definitely not in Europe. Yes, we are the big blob in the middle of nowhere. We are also the only Nation that is a continent - go figure. We're THAT big. I read somewhere you can fit every person in the world in here - giving them an acre each - and still leave Queensland empty... Some of o...

    12K 521 19

    A collection of 'life lessons' for those reaching a certain age and scratching their heads. " What do I do now?" Dredged from eighteen years of conversations with my two sons...

  • The Universe Revealed
    70.2K 5.5K 200

    The Universe Revealed is my attempt to discuss more thoroughly the main questions that we humans should ask about our existence, our universe and our place in it. These are mostly my thoughts on science, religion and philosophy as it applies to the human condition. My first book, The Theory of Nothing, covered many su...

  • The Theory of Nothing
    140K 8.4K 200

    These are my thoughts on some philosophical issues that are pertinent to Science Fiction in particular and many other genres as well. This is not a rant. There are some really fine rant authors out there on Wattpad. The ones I like are: @mrcharizard15. His 'The Book of Random Stuff' and 'A Teenager's Rants' are especi...

    151K 5.5K 8

    A beautiful young woman was missing. I knew I had a murder. I even had a suspect. But would I ever find the body? Would I ever be able to arrest the suspect without the body? Don't believe all that crap you see on TV shows. Follow me on this true crime story and see what happens in a real murder case.

  • Chasing Wattpad
    117K 14.8K 84

    Is Wattpad a good or bad thing? Are the people on here writers or do they just think they are? Whatever your answer to those questions there are a lot of mysteries surrounding Wattpad and the people that choose to write here. Every day thousands of you get on your computer and chase Wattpad all day long looking for so...

  • Moments in Time- Police Stories
    5.5K 620 5

    Just a few moments in a regular day at work. Put on a badge and gun and see if you have what it takes.

  • People of Starbucks
    50.7K 5.4K 17

    This is a series of stories based on observations I have made while drinking coffee at Starbucks. Years of training as an investigator gives me little choice but to accidentally look into the lives of people I see. I don't do this so I can have something to write about. I do this because this is what I do. It just com...

  • the Target
    6.1K 1.1K 75

    James is an assassin. Liz was his target. 4 bullets. Simple. But he made one mistake. He didn't pull the trigger. Suddenly he was involved in something that was beyond even his crazy imagination.