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  • How to Train Your Human...
    22.3K 2K 21

    A fic when Kim Rok Soo got reincarnated as a Dragon. "All of you..." He said in a dangerous tone, "Die." One by one, the black robes fell on their fronts. When he saw that, he suddenly returned to reality. He hovered above and took the Black Egg with him. That split second gave him time to escape, but no one was risin...

  • Curse Or Blessing? (DISCONTINUED)
    18.9K 844 10

    Cale-nim turned into a baby?? SLOW UPDATE.. Credits to the owner of the picture I used ^^ This is my first ever TCF story I don't own the characters it belongs to Yoo Ryeo Han May have a lot of wrong grammars feel free to correct me 😅 Started:July 5 2022 Status: DISCONTINUED

  • Two Stars React Fic: A TCF/LCF Fanfiction
    60.2K 2.1K 21

    In order to improve the God of Love's situation, the other Gods decide to inform the people (from Two Stars Collide) from about his past and future. To do this, they bring them all to a subdimension several days after Cale Henituse regressed. Their Goal: To lessen the hate aimed towards the God of Love. Will they su...

  • The Truth Is That You Can't Run From Fate.
    3.9K 139 16

    It all started with an unknown entity that was neither human nor god. The gifts were bestowed but a curse was forged. It was because they did a simple task that it wasn't able to do that it came to this. All this pain, all these unwanted situations. They could have been prevented if they didn't accept them. But now it...

  • Crimson Heart
    1.5K 183 1

    "What's your favorite color?" It was a fine random day when he remembered that dorky brunet asked him. Kim Rok Soo never really answered him that day. However, if one ever asked him that question again, he's ready to answer this time-

  • The 3 Dragon Lords
    60.9K 3.9K 35

    A Dragon Lord was said to be powerful but the current one was one of the most powerful and unusual Dragon Ever before How Unusual? She went against nature itself by having two eggs in a single lifetime But it gets even crazier 1 egg HAD TWO FUCKING DRAGONS IN THEM BOOM! To size it up TBOAH Cale who regressed and the...

  • To Be Free Of These Chains [ᴀ ᴛᴄғ x ᴏʀᴠ ғᴀɴғɪᴄ]
    33.1K 2.5K 7

    [As the last bell of the day rang, the students started packing up to go home. Cale called out to his class, "Hold on, I would like to discuss some things about the upcoming exams." "Do we have to?" A boy protested. Cale shrugged nonchalantly, "If you don't want some shortcuts to scoring well, you are free to leave." ...

  • Me and you under the old apple tree
    28.4K 1.9K 10

    When Og Cale Henituse was young, he encountered a silver dragon, the Dragon's light purple eyes scared Cale, the dragon just smirked at him, then it stroked his hair. "Kid, how did you get here?" The large dragon turned into a man with silver hair and light purple eyes, it smiled when the child didn't run away. Og Cal...

  • Get away and Run Away!
    9.5K 771 9

    Cale Henituse finally decided to elope with his slacker life when he arrived in ancient China, just before becoming ordained and heralded prime minister of that bastard dark elf emperor. He shields a red robed boy from the rain. A stud repeatedly crashed into and destroyed his house. A drunkard, the only refuge he has...

  • Red Means I love you
    155K 12.3K 92

    (Cale x W.s) Red had meant everything to him, and one day, he saw the very red he thought he would never see again. This was reason why he started it all. . dear readers; the chapter above 'the planning' might have major spoilers for the novel from part 1 one the novel, spoilers are things that are connected to...

  • What if Cale turned into a child? (Trash of the Count's Family Fanfiction)
    559K 26.4K 52

    Cale turned into a child? Update: March 21, 2024 - UNDER REVISION

  • Little Cale and his Mommy.
    685 41 1

    Little Cale loses his mother when he was 8. After having a breakdown in her bedroom, he meets a mysterious figure. The very next day, his father leaves for a vacation or something?... He's left alone. All alone. -- ANGST AND FLUFF? Yeah sure but this was supposed to be a fic where cale dies when he's 8 but what can...

  • Blood shall be splattered all over oneself.
    607 47 2

    - Cale Thames was a young, yet sometimes expressionless person you wouldn't expect to meet. On one side of the world, he is viewed as a Trash. But on the other side, he is viewed as a highly respected yet closed up person who the people of Snezhnaya know nothing of. What will happen? We shall see. Og!Cale but make him...

  • Christmas Joy
    439 35 1

    After some time, Fredo and Cale had developed a parent-child relationship. Fredo treated Cale as his child, Cale treated Fredo like a parental figure to him. It was Christmas now, and as almost everyone decides to celebrate it, so do Cale and Fredo. - This is a special for christmas. I posted it late since it was dele...

  • The Glimpse of Us (trash of count family fanfic)
    910 87 2

    War is a strange thing. It is wholly man-made, but its demise is an unavoidable occurrence. It has beginning but it never seem to end; it just flows on indefinitely. Years have passed since the war started, and everytime, despite doing everything. They are always on the losing end. A chance was now given to them, and...

  • Oblivion (trash of count family fanfic)
    7.3K 562 3

    Ancient powers, it is said that it could be obtained by overcoming a challenge or being granted since birth. But what people don't know is that they were left as a reminder of someone's existence. a Violation a Sin A race that is long forgotten. Demigods (cover photo not mine)

  • Forgotten Past?
    34.4K 1K 8

    Tcf and Tboah react to their troublesome and supposedly trash( Our beloved) Cale Henituse's past life( Kim Rok Soo's past life).

  • Cale is a god
    29.4K 1.1K 9

    Cale Henituse is the first god to ever exist. Cale is the god of creation who descended to the land to create balance. See how people will react when they find out the truth. Oh ya Cale Barrow is also a god. This is a reaction and I'm new to it. "So you mean to tell me that human is a GOD?!"-Roan "Lol. I'm so glad I...

  • The Beautiful Commander (Discontinued)
    677 50 4

    Cale Henituse known as the Count's son and also known as trash dies at the age of 40 and birthed into KRS body. Finding a novel of his past life he was peeked to ready it.... not realizing it was a trap from the God Of Death. He then wakes up in the body of Cale Henituse?!? What the Hell..!?! How am I back here? *Cale...

  • Masked Faces [DISCOUNTINUE]
    27.9K 1.8K 13

    [English version] Cale Henituse knew the choice he made would be a difficult one, he also knew that he would be spared nothing. Immersing himself in this all-complicated world and its more complicated matters, Cale decided to drag in some random rascals and set things on fire. Or: 36-year-old Kim Rok Soo finds himself...

  • Sacrifice For The Despair. You Or Me? (Tcf Oneshot)
    2.6K 155 1

    Was the redhead crazy? Did he go crazy due to war?! No, why was the other redhead acting in a similar manner?! His long life made him crazy too!! **** *Embarassed author noises*

  • Never again.
    1.9K 130 1

    Cale saw his companions falling. He could not see them anymore. He could not bear to see them anymore. He could never ever bear to see them like that again. Yes, he would never ever let that happen again. **** A spin off of my other oneshot XD Well, I dont know if you'd like it but anyways.

  • A Smile For Me? (A Tcf Fanfiction)
    1.8K 122 2

    He wanted that smile to be for him. Oh how he could see that he'd never regret marrying the redhead. **** Lmao i suck at descriptions, no? *Shuffling noises* I'm hiding. Thank you for reading.

  • Human, Today...(A Tcf Fanfiction)
    2K 122 4

    Raon didn't believe anyone else other than his human. **** Whatamidoing-

  • Painless [A TCF Oneshot.]
    1.1K 78 1

    The man who was called painless, did he deserve to hope? **** *Regretting author noises*

  • Oneshots And Drabbles[TCF]
    4.2K 166 5

    ....Oneshots. Angst. Fluff. Uncategorised. Trigger warnings. Warnings for fluff and other categories are present in the chapters themselves. Thanks for reading~ Cover art credits to @qorgml_102 There are only 4 freaking chapters so, ig you'll be disappointed. Sorry.

  • From now on
    15.3K 1.1K 8

    What if Jour didn't die? What would have happened? What is she hiding? Who are the Thames family really? Cale still remembers his past lives. Divorced Deruth and Jour. None of the pictures are mine. I found all of them on Pinterest. Characters do not belong to me. They belong to Yoo Ryeo Han.

  • [Love of a Dragon]
    1.6K 74 2

    Cale Henituse is tired. Tired of his miserable life that he realized he have when he finally wake up. But don't worry, the great and mighty Eruhaben is here!

  • Catalyst of Distinction
    8.7K 490 4

    Same beginning, different endings. Two realities with different catalyst. HE is the catalyst of the distinction between these two universes. [TCF reaction fic]

  • Seeing the future trash of the count's family x omniscient reader's viewpoint
    6.1K 230 3

    suddenly a group of people was transported. They look like they were in a room, it has beds, couches, seats, and food. The strong people were looking around trying to find a way out while the weak people were sitting in the seats that were in the room. A small explosion could be heard but all they saw was smoke. When...