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  • Shattered (Continuation of: The Chase) ▹ Ashton Irwin
    3.7M 65.5K 59

    "How could you ever love someone who causes you so much pain?" This is the continuation of "The Chase"

    Completed   Mature
  • I Promise (A Michael Clifford Fanfic)
    1.8M 58.7K 38

    Rebecca has always had a rough time in life, she's in and out of therapy for years, but so has Michael Clifford, the Australian boy in the grade above her. When Michael all of a sudden begins to talk to Rebecca, she freaks out and is very confused, but her feelings towards the boy begin to change as they become closer...

  • snapshot - ashton irwin
    1.1M 62.8K 21

    alright, students. your final project is due a month from today. i'd like you to take a picture of the most beautiful thing you can find.

  • Skinny Love (Luke Hemmings)
    2.6M 66.9K 47

    Reina is an only child that moved to London from Ireland with her mum. After Reina's mother's bad past with Reina's father, any feelings that Reina has for a boy are strictly forbidden by her over protective mother. But what happens when a boy from Australia moves in next door who is quiet and prefers to be alone?Rein...

  • How To Live With A Huge Penis • clifford
    350K 18.5K 56

    [COMPLETED] "in this year i've learnt how to live with what god gave me, but i've also learnt that i'm in love with my best friend's girlfriend."

    Completed   Mature
  • foreordination // Luke Hemmings
    6.6K 366 10

    Luke was depressed and suicidal, he didn't believe in love, or soulmates and especially not fate. Everything changes once he starts having dreams about someone he has never met or even seen, of course he wants to find that person but fate won't help him when he needs it the most.

  • hell ; a.i.
    1.1M 51.2K 24

    "you're going to hell, ashton irwin."

  • Falling (l.h.)
    4.4M 76.4K 82

    Bri is a freshmen in college and doesn't know anyone. She grew up in New York, but her mother shipped her off to Australia to go to school and see the world. Only problem is, Bri isn't the most outgoing girl and is afraid she will have trouble making friends. Her roommate, Kristin, is the exact opposite. She's confide...