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  • League of Legends Fan-Fic (Akali x Zed)
    70.6K 1K 15

    [Cover by: @LilianaSkye c: She does amazing book covers!] A League of Legends Fan-Fiction featuring Akali and Zed. So, Akali has to face Zed again in order to rebuild the Kinkou Order again. It's tough for her because he was once her mentor, and she was really fond of him. What will he do? What will she do? (Just to l...

  • Splash of Color
    744K 33.8K 28

    [Oikawa Tōru X Reader] Routines can get a little boring. As structured as they may be, the world can begin to look black and white. But once a splash of color hits your nose, the routine you once held dear changes. _______ Cover by @oreolover2411

  • Stay with Me (Ahri x Yasuo) - League of Legends Fan-Fic
    83.2K 1.2K 18

    Ahri was once a nameless fox who longed to become human. One day, her wish was granted as she stumbled upon a battlefield. She was lost and tired. Not long, some people found her and took her in. Their names were Trixie, Harvus and Chalice, but everything soon became worse. So, Ahri heads to the Capital of Ionia in or...