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  • Perfectly Incomplete (Zayn Malik AU)
    7.6K 970 38

    Her life is perfect but incomplete without love. She's got everything she ever wanted in her life except one thing, A person who'd love her. Will her life be perfectly complete with love or will she forever be perfectly incomplete without love? [Under editing]

  • Deep [Niall Horan]
    76K 5.9K 39

    "When I learned about his past, everything changed." "I was stuck in a fake bliss with him that I should have removed myself from. If only I did, I wouldn't have drowned, I wouldn't have sunken this deep." -------------------- Throughout my entire life, I have isolated myself from the world hoping that my future will...

  • Facebook ➳ l.p
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    ❝He's thirty-six, Adeline. Not sixteen.❞ © CynicalCaroline 2014 All Rights Reserved.

  • unexpressed feelings
    4K 246 22

    A small collection of poems and stories on love . hope u all will like it!!! some stories r heart touching and may make u cry!!!!!:-) sorry for mistakes!!!! and yeah don't forget to vote,comment and follow!!

  • Forever and Always- A Harry Styles love story ♥
    36.3K 473 32

    Meet Eve Summers. A bubbly girl with a bright personality who recently moved to Holmes Chapel because of her parents separation. The only thing she expected when she moved there was to be REALLY cold and unhappy not REALLY in love. She misses her parents and her friends but has she found something better? Something r...

  • Teenage Posts
    359K 23.3K 506

    I think teenage posts are so true! Sometimes it's creepy! Hope you can relate and comment/ vote if you do relate! :)

  • Study Abroad (Harry Styles)
    23.5K 533 16

    Charlotte. 22. Insecure. Imminent podiatrist. Harry. 21. Wise. Mechanic. She's traveling to the United Kingdom for school when she unexpectedly meets somebody who flips her world upside down. She's not ready for it, and he doesn't know what he's doing to her.

  • Live While We're Young: A Harry Styles Love Story
    10.7K 76 22

    Lori, typical American teenager. Popular, smart and bubbly. Harry, a not so typical British teenager. Funny, sweet and oh yeah, a world wide celebrity. They fall in love but, is fate working against them? Will their ship sink like the Titanic or will true love rise above al else? ♥

  • Roommates [Harry Styles]
    11.2M 307K 31

    [COMPLETED] What would you do if your roommate was the person you hate the most? Amy now lives with her enemy. The one who broke her heart and she hated. The one and only, Harry Styles. © londonstars

  • When I was Eighteen
    67 2 5

    Abbey is eighteen and going on her annual summer break with her mum and best friend Sadie! James is 19 and his life is going nowhere. Is there chance of them meeting and the two of them falling in love? But one night changes everything ... And their chance of them seeing each again other is second to none. But with Ab...

  • you and I. harry styles
    78 0 4

    addison clark, lives in california, has a pretty normal livestyle, intill harry styles comes into her life. 1/5 out of the world famous boy band. for three years these boys have been stealing girls hearts . well not addisons. she really doesnt care for harry, she doesnt like his flirty ways. how he thinks he's all tha...

  • Friend Zoning Harry Styles
    30.4M 468K 68

    Emily is the usual college student, trying to eventually work her way up into getting accepted to Medical School. She meets Harry Styles, charming, funny, and the biggest sweetheart. They begin to develop a strong friendship.. Harry wants more. One problem, Emily's not going to leave her boyfriend, Brandon, for someon...