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  • Black Swan ▹ Marvel
    3.1K 170 18

    Elizabeth Copper's life was supposed to be perfect, but after gaining superpowers, an absent father and her sister being institutionalized, Elizabeth's life is everything, but a fairytale. Not to mention Elizabeth is in love her best friend's boyfriend, Peter Parker. As Elizabeth spirals deeper into a dark place and h...

  • Gabriella's Graphics
    4.2K 48 6

    "I brought you mur; murder." I can't even make covers like this anymore. ?? Kickass cover by @humaneity [09.05.16-] ( Past names ) Graphics Wonderland

  • Crazy ◌ Elizabeth Olsen
    30.8K 1K 20

    Caroline Becks II has gotten everything she's wanted in life and a little bit she didn't want. (SOCIAL MEDIA AU.) (ELIZABETH OLSEN X FEMALE OC.) (COVER INSPIRED BY MORPHISUS.)