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  • Unchained Melody (A Destiel AU)
    92.7K 3.7K 12

    Angels are dicks, at least, that's what Dean Winchester thinks. He stands by his rules, and his rules only that not even his younger brother Sam Winchester, can't interfere. And then, Dean went to hell. Literally. And once he saw the blue-eyed, soft-spoken Angel of The Lord, Castiel, he knew that he brought big troubl...

  • The Late Night Confessions [Destiel]
    101K 3.8K 14

  • Eenie Meenie Mine
    67.5K 3.5K 19

    One of the popular guys went to a party as usual like any other weekend. His name was Dean, Dean Winchester, the most idolized guy in his school. Girls drolled over him, guys wanted to be him. He needed to get some air, so he went outside into the garden of the house when he discovers a boy crying in the opposite corn...

  • Clean Freak's Little Brat (ereri fanfic)
    377K 12.2K 16

    Trapped inside the walls, Eren Jäger has always wanted to see what was out there. The only thing stopping him are the titans... And Levi.