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  • I'm In Love With A Clown (Pennywise X reader)
    193K 4.4K 17

    He is the thing you were most afraid of... But he showed you mercy, and you keep finding yourself coming back to him everyday. (Pfft, yes I know that Pennywise is old... But I do understand that for some people, they love Pennywise and X readers. So here you go! Enjoy!)

  • Fallout 4 Oneshots ~! (Requests Open!)
    10.7K 178 5

    Heyo~! This is a book filled with oneshots, featuring Fallout 4 characters! What you can request~ Character x Reader Character x Reader x Character Character x Character (I will write pretty much anything unless idk who the character is xD) Please include plots/prompts for the oneshot you are suggesting, it would help...

  • Candy pop x Reader
    35.2K 755 6

    so this one will be looong and it will be kind of slow at first but it is definitely worth it! I do not own candy pop XD possibly eventual lemon!