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  • Don't Fight It
    178K 4.6K 23

    Edward Cullen's move to Forks was the last thing he wanted, and Forks was the last place he wanted to be. Once he meets the beautiful Bella Swan, Edward's life takes a turn and he finds that he doesn't mind Forks so much. But Edward isn't the only one who wants Bella, and she isn't the only one who wants Edward.

  • Forever And Always
    132K 6.6K 37

    Sequel for "Blind." It's been four years since Edward went off to collage. Four years Bella has waited. He comes every summer, Christmas and New Years Eve just to be with her and spend time together and their families. On the last summer that Edward leaves to finish his last year of collage, Bella finds out shocking...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blind
    228K 8.6K 35

    Bella got into an accident when she was twelve years old. Accident that left her blind. Her family didn't have the enough money to pay for her operation so she stayed blind. She thought the world didn't have anything special prepared for her and her blind life until she met Edward Cullen. The boy who soon will help h...

  • Fine denial
    33.2K 1.8K 32

    Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen have been friends since elementary school. Both of them are in Forks High and they have seen each other grow up along with other friends. While growing up, Bella and Edward develop feelings for one another but they do not talk about it. Both of them live in denial and they even try to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Another Twilight (NO LONGER ON HOLD!!! :) )
    441K 9.9K 22

    What if Bella has a whole different back round. Edward meet her when she was 5. She has a abusive step-dad and mom is a alcoholic. I know way off according to the twilight story. Edward has trouble loving a young child and learns to be a protector instead of a monster he believes he is. Will there relationship change...

  • Alice Cullen's Story
    383K 3.2K 16

    Twilight Fan Fiction - My interpretation of what could have happened to Alice before she met the Cullens. :) This story starts from where Alice wakes up in the asylum. ~I do not own any of the characters, all rights belong to Stephenie Meyer.~ **No Copyright Infrigment Intended** ~♥~Vampire / Fan Fiction~♥~ **NOT EDI...

  • Life After Dawn | Twilight Fic
    644 28 10

    It's been a few days after the Volturi have left the Cullens alone and now they can start living happily! Carlisle wants to move to England, do the rest of the Cullens? Do they move? What Happens? Something happens really major with a popular singer and do Jacob and Renesmee fall in love? What will happen? Want to kno...

  • Why Did You Leave Me?
    51.1K 1.7K 41

    Edward never came back after he left in new moon. Bella becomes a vamp and tries to deal with her new found self while trying to stop worrying about what Edward is doing or if he found a new mate, but will Bella take Edward back or will she turn her back on him and his family.

  • Twilight Saga Twist: Bella is already a vampire
    101K 2.5K 10

    What would Twilight be like if Bella already is a vampire? Will they still fall for each other? What if Bella is the strongest vampire alive? This story is about Edward and Bella, Bella is already a vampire but she can change her look, and make her look more human from the inside and the outside. Bella has different...

  • My Twilight! (ON HOLD)
    730K 16.1K 28

    Bella Swan is a vampire who moved to Forks. There she meets the mysterious Cullen family. She knows that they are vampires right away, as she has lots of powers and though she doesn't know it, she is the most powerful vampire in the world. Edward Cullen is a vampire too but he has been a vampire for hundreds of years...

  • Falling apart [Twilight]
    163K 4.7K 27

    Trust always end in pain. At least that's what Isabella swan, A vampire for over 150 years believes. Bella went through a lot in that time and is kind of falling apart on the inside. She has lived alone for almost all of that time and due to a lot of bad experiences she is extremely frightened of vampire/covens. When...

  • Crescent Moon (Sequel to Crescent Sun)
    403K 7.7K 14

    The sequel to "Crescent Sun: The Twilight Saga after Breaking Dawn". Renesmee has gone missing, and the Cullens along with the wolves are panicked and worried. What they won't expect is who helped took her. They never expected that a long time aquitance who has helped them before, would turn on them now. Will the Cull...

  • Cullen Wife Swap ( Jasper's Sister )
    12.4K 328 22

    Emmett signs up for Wife Swap.

  • The cullens journal
    78K 1.5K 49

    This is a journal that all the cullens wrote in. It's filled with pages of pregnancy, love, disasters, fear, and regret. Read to see what happens after breaking dawn ends.

  • Love, Lies And Cullens
    1.2K 39 16

    The Cullens are going through tough times. With Nessie getting older, lies are coming, fighting, leaving and more.

  • Here we go again
    397K 9.7K 29

    Edward didn't return in New Moon and Bella was changed. 20 years later she bumps into the cullens in her new school... Not an instant forgive fic. ExB some Cullen family fluff thrown in. M for later chapters. Complete.

  • Numb But Moving
    149K 3.5K 20

    Edward left Bella; the one person who was healing her pain, Jacob, shunned her. Bella is then turned into a vampire. Years later, she runs into the Cullens again, but can they accept each other? She has a new life and many secrets. (New Moon Alternate Universe)

  • Past, Present, and Future (Twilight fan fiction)
    369K 6.7K 40

    Ariella is a orphan who never knew her parents. One day while outside she was chased by a group of boys, but soon found herself stumbling to the Cullen's front door. Can they help this lonely girl? A girl who has the power to see into the past, present, and future? There could be more to her. Disclaimer: All rights go...

  • Rising Sun (A twilight fan fiction)
    224K 1.7K 104

    It is how I think the story would go on after Breaking dawn. It has new family, Edward and Bella's love gets tested. Nessy is all grown up and starts school she makes friends and is dating. Jake has to deal with the the possibility of losing Nessy after she finds out that she is his imprint. There are new people in...

  • The Healer
    38.1K 495 24

    The Cullen clan is back at high school but now with Jacob and Nessie. The troubles & tribulations of going to high school with your parents, trying to figure out your relationship with your best friend and realizing that your first "human" friend, may not be as human as you thought she'd be.

  • The Cullens at Home
    7.2K 252 15

    Renesmee is know grown up and in love with Jacob. But someone wants her to pay for their loss. The Cullens must protect her and will have to choose between family and Family. Bella will pick Renesmee but who will the other Cullens choose? Renesmee's life is in danger but nobody has told her.

  • Renesmee
    1.6M 10.6K 59

    This is about Renesmee's life after the twilight book ended.

  • crescent sun
    37.7K 1.1K 77

    What happens if Bella gets 2 new powers? Will the vulturi come or will they live in peace? Bella comes back to forks with her family the Cullen's when. They go to the forks high school for the first time in almost 200 years! When they get there here is a girl named adel trying to steal her Edward from her what will sh...