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  • Goats from Lambs
    436K 16.7K 44

    Headless bodies start appearing in the streets, so cunning Detective Rashida Heyes and her partner have to stop the killer to prevent the apocalypse ***** After bodies start appearing in the middle of the streets, hollowed and headless, Detective R...

    Completed   Mature
  • Everyone Un-Died + My Gardener Bit Me: The Oral History of the Zombie Apocalypse
    29.6K 4.9K 51

    "Sure, it was robots this time. But who's to say that it won't be zombies next time? And when the zombies do come, who's going to be ready for it? Me." - Marietta "I mean, like, say what you want about the robots, but at least they weren't gross!" - Lila Welcome to the long-awaited sequel to the irreverent and uproar...

  • Death by Haggis
    8.1K 250 8

    An Amazon Breakthrough Novel Quarterfinalist, Death by Haggis is a tongue in cheek detective novel inspired by the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest for the "opening sentence to the worst of all possible novels." Until the day Jane Hamchester walked into his squalid office, the highlight of Detective Sam Barlow's life ha...

  • Fiendish
    38.6K 2.7K 8

    *Standalone prequel to Swallow* Owen Munson has a sinister hobby. He tends to daydream about cutting up his classmates. Try as he might, he can't lock the urges away. When he seeks help from an unorthodox source, those urges that should have been closed off are actually set free. Now he's killing against his will and...

  • Ardent
    294K 26.3K 52

    {Science Fiction/Romance/Adventure} Draft. It is the year 3014. The galactic inhabitants of the Milky Way know the dangers of the Reso star system. It's gas giant, the planet Plenare, terrorizes any ship that dares to approach. Most travellers don't return, and the few that do are shells of their former selves, babbl...

  • Ash and Dust
    8K 590 7

    Their world: Dead Their goal: Survival Their destination: ...unknown After years surviving on a dying Earth, the last remnants of humanity are finally forced to escape into the endless unknown of outer space in order to find a place to live that's better than the tree-less, oxygen-less wasteland they are leaving behin...

    4.6M 406K 64

    *ASK AMY IS BEING PUBLISHED MARCH 17, 2021 WITH HACHETTE ROMANS IN FRANCE! PRE-ORDER LINKS IN BIO!* BLACK MIRROR meets PRETTY LITTLE LIARS in this multimedia thriller where an anonymous advice website gets hacked and the dark origins of the site start to come to light. (shortlisted for the 2017 wattys, #1 in mystery/t...

  • All Is Dust
    87.5K 8.3K 42

    [[Chosen as one of the winners for @scikick 's Sci-fi contest by @scifiwriter , author of Enhancement!]] "Let's be nothing; I heard it lasts forever." They spoke of days before. Of joy and nostalgia and sadness. Of how the hills were covered in grass, and how the sky shone with a radiant blue. How birds sang and build...

  • Trapped ✔️
    5.1M 30K 3

    EXCERPT ONLY! They took her sanity. Now they are back to take her life. When Kelsey Miller was sixteen, she was kidnapped, beaten, and raped by two men--neither of whom was ever brought to justice. Three years later, the past still haunts her and fear, pain, and anger have taken over her world. Trapped in a cycle of...

  • Storm and Silence
    101M 4.4M 102

    "It is your choice," he said, stepping so close to me that our lips were almost touching. "Either do what I say - or get another job." My heart stood still as I gazed up into his deep, dark, dangerous eyes... In a world where women's only role in life is to sit at home and look pretty, Lilly is determined to f...

  • Shit My Asian Parents Say
    9.1K 616 4

    Wise utterances from the couple who live in 19th century rural China.

  • Tradition Comes Third
    2.2M 120K 49

    The third book to the Family Comes First trilogy Time has passed, and now Hunter is seventeen and preparing to graduate from high school. Jimmy is being released from prison, and Julie is excited for them to be a family once again. Traditions start to arise when Hunter meets Ava. Julie believed that everything was...

  • She Was His First
    355K 19.8K 13

    Jack wants to try something. He's heard his dad talk about it before and he thinks he can do it, too. He's been thinking about it for a while. All he needs is the right person. And then he met Charlie. --- Trusting and unsuspecting six-year-old Charlie is lured away from safety. She ends up caught in the clutches of...

    Completed   Mature
  • WARNING! Fairy Tales
    1.2M 73.2K 22

    WARNING! Please be advised that this is not a bedtime story about sparkly fairies and pink unicorns. This book may contain graphic descriptions of poisoned apples and witches' ovens. It is not appropriate for supernatural beings under the age of 377 (excluding vampires and werewolves). DISCLAIMER: Wicked Witches Inc...

  • Spun Up #Wattys2016
    370 19 7

    Corporate corruption and medical malpractice run amuck these days. Without an eye discrepancies and a hunger to uncover hidden details, most nefarious acts go unpunished. No one knows that better than long-time Flight Paramedic, Cassidy Daggerty. After opening an investigative firm, and successfully exposing one...

  • Just Georgia
    7.6K 146 1

    I never missed a sunset, the fiery reds and burnt oranges, eating up the sky, it reminded me of what the end of the world might look like, I think that is probably why I never missed one. This was different though, this was beautiful; yellow light dancing, like fireflies around a lantern. Everything was the same...

  • Bonedead
    72.2K 3.1K 14

    A Watty Award Winner, Trailblazer Category 2016 In 1896, dinosaurs started the infection that ended the world. Carmen has lived her entire life in New York City, a city of opium and invention, of rotting tenements and marble mansions; a divided metropolis built on the backs of the dinosaurs that never died out, kept s...

  • As Snow Falls
    8.2K 1.5K 9

    "Woah, easy there tiger," he says, raising his hands in front of him, "I'm only trying to help." Trapped in the frozen mountains of Alaska with no phone, car or warmth, what will Alex do when her only saviour may be the man she wished she would never meet again? A certain green-eyed man who broke her heart. ...

  • One That Got Away
    241K 16.6K 26

    *Shortlisted for Wattys 2017* Sixteen year old Charlie Shultz almost died ten years ago, when a little boy lured her away with murder on his mind. She escaped, but now her attempted murderer is back. This time, he's different. He's grown up. His face has changed with age; his name is no longer the one that haunts her...

  • Hall of Smoke and Mirrors
    49.2K 3.1K 24

    [COMPLETE] [BOOK 1] of the Noetic Masquerade Highest Fantasy Ranking #197 on 7/5/17 #1 in Mirrors 3/15/19 Featured in Dark Fantasy Kea Sarto is one of the Santus. People who were long ago thought to be gifted by the gods. Now they are thought to be cursed. All her life she has fought against her abilities and...

  • The Nature of Time
    21.9K 1.4K 34

    ~*Wattys 2016 Winner*~ The Ministry is in an uproar over the alleged sightings of a ghost, Damien stands torn between helping an old friend and doing his duty as a top traveler of the Ministry, while Gerard tries desperately to bring back someone he lost long ago in the midst of discovering secrets that leads him to b...

  • Human Spines
    66.8K 6.6K 64

    **Wattys 2016 Winner!** Fifteen-year-old Emmeline Jefferson doesn't have time away from the Demons. Not a minute to say goodbye to her family, not a moment to wonder "Why me?" Every second she's not possessed is spent begging stranger after stranger for help. But no one believes a sporadic girl who claims Demons have...

  • The Psychic Next Door
    5.2M 99.8K 53

    Rachel Vaughn is being hunted by something... unexplainable. And she can't help but think it has something to do with Luc, the handsome but mysterious guy who lives next door. { Book I of The Psychic Curse } After her boyfriend cheats on her, Rachel Vaughn needs a fresh start. She finds it in a new apartment, and desp...

  • Finding Humanity
    3.7M 229K 92

    After escaping a stalled elevator into a zombie apocalypse, Emily must learn how to trust people again or risk losing everything in this terrifying world. ***** For Emily, every day of the last two years have been a blur. She keeps her head down, t...

  • The Lovely Suicide Children
    1.7M 117K 83

    They say every dead person has a home. Olivia found her home with The Lovely Suicide Children. At first, it was everything she could ever imagine. However, the first impressions are usually wrong. (Trigger warnings)

    Completed   Mature
  • My Lord ~ The Transcended: Book 1
    321K 7K 19

    Gothic Horror // Historical // LGBTQ+ // Published novel ~*~ Blood is not always red... ~ Tristanja, 1239 AD: Having lost her home and family in a raid, Meya flees east but is captured and abused by a slave trader before being sold to Lord Deminas, patron of the local lands. She's forced to work as his chambermaid...

    Completed   Mature
  • Human Error
    1.8M 104K 52

    BOOK 1 // Human Error (COMPLETE) BOOK 2 // Human Instinct (IN PROGRESS) *NOW OPTIONED FOR A TV SHOW* "Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness engineered right into their DNA." - William Shakespeare, 1602 (adapted for BioPlus) Astrid Oxford is not normal. Two...

  • After Arlington
    1.3M 74.5K 18

    Official bonus novella to High School Hit List. Maddy Danton should have never returned. She's collateral damage, trapped within a cage of secrets, a risk to the reputation of a boy held on a perfect pedestal. And maybe freeing herself from her shackles is as unrealistic as it is dangerous. But lies can only last as l...

  • Flesh/Bone
    621K 41.2K 46

    Two vanished. One came back.

  • Let's Not Meet Again
    217K 6K 202

    This book tells the tale of true and horror filled experienced. These are stories from reddit, all credit goes towards the victims who have shared their tales. All of these experiences leaving them all saying one thing: "Let's Not Meet Again."