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  • pears for breakfast
    10.6K 1K 25

    living proof that art is fluid in form ___________________________________________ a poetry anthology written in fruit juice and cheap ink ----------------------------- in loving memory of the past @timespieces copyright 2018

  • grey ; peterick
    36.1K 2.8K 14

    pete sees colours. patrick is blue. completed. @prscription

  • Headfirst Slide Into Your Heart {A Patrick Stump x Reader Fiction}
    3.7K 134 17

    It's the summer of 2001, and you've just moved to Wilmette, Illinois. You didn't expect anyone to like you here considering your everyday outfit of dark skinny jeans and band tees. That is until you meet your neighbor; a shy, young, 17 year old kid who has a garage band with his 3 wild friends. After befriending the...

  • the language of stars
    2.9K 203 172

    this is a series of encounters and farewells