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  • Coincidental Fate | Bonten [Tokyo Revengers x Reader]
    211K 9K 35

    "One word out of her, Bonten's done. Remember, she's not an ordinary person" Just who is she anyway? Why is the most feared organization so careful with how they treat her? And what would happen if she does open her mouth about them? Is their encounter all coincidental or was it fate that brought them together? So m...

  • Reality's Illusion; Sequel to C.F. | Bonten [Tokyo Revengers X Reader]
    13.9K 759 28

    **THIS IS THE 2ND BOOK** This is a Sequel to my very first published story; Coincidental Fate. Enjoy~ Tokyo Revengers (Bonten) X Fem! Reader Disclaimer: I don't own Tokyo Revengers or any of its characters. Tokyo Revengers belong to its rightful owner. Wakui Ken.