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  • Expiration Date (Books 1 and 2)
    22.8M 1M 172

    Now a digital pilot for SYFY The Society knows when we're going to die. They imprint it on our arms at birth. I was supposed to die yesterday. I'm the girl who's Expired. Winner of the 2020 Readers Choice Awards Cover by @Forcade

  • Hollywood's Princess [PUBLISHED]
    12.8M 321K 46

    "Every princess needs a prince charming." "Or a knight in shining armor." Sophia Heart Valentine makes all her fans scream by the mere mention of her name. She's Hollywood's Princess after all - the singer and actress that can make anybody fall for her charms. She's struggling with the life in Hollywood while attempt...

  • All the Way to Hollywood
    154K 3.5K 24

    Jennifer Alama has been in love with Adam Martin for years, since the sixth grade. But now, four years later, Adam has become a famous actor and lives in Hollywood. Jennifer just can't let go, so she's just chasing pavements... for now.

  • She's Broken
    8M 206K 37

    'Watching your brother go down for rape sounds like a difficult task, right? Try being the girl in the witness stand, the victim.' Most people ignore Kat Price and go straight for her perfect, confident and attractive older brother, Finn. The day that Finn goes down for rape, Kat's in the spotlight, Kat's the one wit...

  • Blood Sisters • The Vampire Diaries [1]
    972K 24K 46

    ❝We choose our own path. Our actions, and our values, they define who we are.❞ If looks could kill, Lyssa and her twin sister, Elena Gilbert, would have the Salvatore Brothers dead in a heartbeat. Dead ringers for Katherine Pierce, they're doomed to the same fate, falling for Damon and Stefan. But, they'll learn that...

    482K 13.2K 81

    [DISCLAIMER: WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS YOUNGER] They all used to say it was impossible, but I'm living proof that it isn't. My name is Zara, I'm 893 year old vampire. My blood can kill an Original. Any original you want dead? just come find me and drain me of every last drop of my blood, and that'll do the trick. I've b...

  • Have a Little Hope
    2.9M 63.9K 32

    When Hope's father suddenly dies, no one can prepare her for the amount of grief she would go through, especially when her grandparents agree to let his organs be used as he was a registered organ donor. Unable to deny her dad's wishes, the organs are used to save lives, but on one condition. She wants to meet the...

  • The Bullies (Magcon)
    9.1M 207K 85

    Hannah Williams was in 10th grade by then. She has been bullied since 4th grade. She's been through a lot but her sister helped her get through it. And you know who are these GUYS that bullied her? Well, they're names are Taylor Caniff, Cameron Dallas, Matthew Espinosa, Nash Grier, Carter Reynolds and Shawn Mendes. To...

  • Bullied By Luke Hemmings.
    16.8M 378K 45

    Being told that you have to tutor your bully never really sounds good. When Caitlyn is told she has to tutor the person who has bullied her for years, how will they both react? Is he going to open up to her, or carry on pushing her out? Will she forgive him for the constant pain he's put her in through the years...

  • Not all Blondes do Backflips
    16.6M 337K 28

    Stereotypes. I hate them. On my first day at my new school, a girl in a blue and white cheerleader's uniform told me I 'looked like a cheerleader' and asked me to come to tryouts. I almost decked her. Blonde hair and blue eyes do not a cheerleader make. Cheerleaders can be bitchy and mean but they can also act all hap...

  • Always and Forever ( T.V.D , T.O. ) Book 2
    8.2K 280 36

    2nd Book of Always And Forever hope you enjoy it :D <><><><><>< Once upon a time there was a Majestic King, who once lived with his family, in a colorful kingdom, where music and art was celebrated. In time the King had a daughter who he wishes to protect, but one day an Evil King came to their kingdom and separated t...

  • Always And Forever (T.V.D. , T.O.) Book 1
    33K 805 42

    Stephanie Mikaelson has been separated from her family for 3 centuries but with a help of her one of her friends she finally reunited with her family But, what would happen if she meets The Mystic Fall gang ? What would happen if they had to go back to New Orleans ? Stephanie, her friends and family will discover sec...

  • All Started With A Dare ✔️
    18.9M 157K 6

    "You'll do anything will you?" Keeley smirks, a mischievous glint lighting up her brown eyes. "I dare you, Jade Elsie Brooke, to break into Trystan Woods house and steal a pair of his boxers without him finding out." Jade Brooke was the dare devil who had never turned down a dare, no matter how bad it was. So when a...

  • The Other Salvatore - Tvd fan fic
    305K 5.6K 26

    What if the Salvatore's had a younger sister, know one knew about ? Her name is Audrey Salvatore, twin to Stefan Salvatore. Though they might not look alike, their sympathy and sensitiveness are the same even though Audrey tries to hide it by acting like Damon. What well happen when a certain hybrid, she's been runnin...

  • The Story of The Original Sacrifice (3)
    52.8K 1.2K 24

    * This is Part 3 in the Original Petrova Series . Please read The Story of the Other Original Petrova first * Everything Anastasia Petrova has known is about to change . Everything . Her life depends on her will power alone . She's saved her family before . Can she do it again ? Would she risk it all in a race agains...

  • The Story of the Original Family (2)
    122K 2.8K 33

    * This is part 2 to " The Story of the Other Original Petrova " ( Please read it before reading this one ) * Nikolina Petrova-Mikaelson is part of the most notorious and respeceted vampire family ever to walk this earth. Maybe because they are THE oldest vampires ever recorded . Nikolina is a half human , half vampir...

  • The Story of the Other Original Petrova (1)
    1.1M 22.5K 57

    What if Tatia Petrova , the woman who started it all , had a sister ? A sister that matched her beauty . A sister that was her rival for the hearts of the Orignal brothers , Klaus and Elijah ? This is the story of the forgotten Petrova sister . A girl who was forgotten because she was to painful to remember .

  • The Other Gilbert (Rewriting)
    474K 11.6K 40

    Currently being rewritten. --- He was everything I needed and more. For once in my life I was seen, and I'll wreck havoc on Earth before I allow myself to be forgotten again. --- In which Clarissa Gilbert stepped out of the shadows, and captured the heart of Niklaus Mikaelson.

  • My Sister, Ciara Salvatore
    8.9K 267 31

    Ciara Salvatore - or 'Hayley' as she calls herself now -Stefan's twin and Damon's little sister has come back to Mystic Falls. But why? All Copyright goes to the writers of TVD an the author of the TVD books. Only characters I own are Ciara Salvatore and Karson. Give me credit if you use their character or exact name...

    Completed   Mature
  • Broken Dreams (TVD sequel to Broken Reality)
    193K 6.2K 47

    Updates once a week. After little over six months from the first time Audrey saw Stefan or Damon, her life has changed. There's no happy endings, not even when she sleeps. Damon is still in love with her, and she loves him, but there are problems. Stefan and Audrey become closer and closer. Audrey wants to be the one...

  • Broken Reality (The Vampire Diaries)
    310K 7.6K 27

    Audrey Gilbert. That last name tells everything, doesn't it? Twin of Elena Gilbert, the balanced and beautifully broken sister. They look very much alike and it has brought them trouble since they found out about vampires, when they met the Salvatore brothers. When Elena starts dating Stefan, will Audrey have the othe...

  • The Second Gilbert Sister.
    110K 2.6K 23

    Peyton Gilbert, twin sister to Elena Gilbert and older sister to Jeremy Gilbert. Peyton's first day back to school after her parents died in a car accident, is different. Elena meets Stefan Salvatore and they become a thing but when Peyton runs over to Stefan's house to get Elena something Peyton meets Stefan's older...

  • The Other Doppelganger
    4.3K 114 2

    Meet Elizabeth Gilbert. Twin sister of Elena Gilbert and older sister of Jeremy Gilbert. She couldn't deal with pain of her parents death, so she moved to London with her uncle, aunt and cousin. But now she is coming back to Mystic Falls for her last year of high school. What will happen when she founds out that her s...