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  • Bound By Sins
    261 56 10

    ❝Where does the line between good and evil lie?❞ *** Renaissance Solange is the type of girl who always plays by the rules. Certain about everything in life, she's always miles away from trouble. But fate has strange ways of messing with mortals and that's why they say that life is anything but certain. Rain finds he...

  • Locker 991
    117 9 8

    Someone is trying to frame Amara, Ryan, and popular mean girl Eden, for a crime they haven't committed. High school senior Amara-made popular by the social media empire she created-finds a disturbing note accidentally slipped into her locker, with plans to bring down a nameless popular girl that she fears could be h...

  • Grey Skies - A Love After Loss Romance (Updated Fridays)
    569 100 11

    Loss united them. Will it also tear them apart? When her staff abandon her before opening her new restaurant, Sophie, an aspiring chef who refuses to move past the death of her fiancée must let the charming military man Max into not just her bed but her kitchen and life accepting his help and his heart. When his one-n...

  • The Last God Walking
    216 85 23

    Fen doesn't know that he's a monster destined to destroy the real world, he doesn't know his shithole world - Atria - is a prison, he's far more bothered by the fact that he can hear his dead best friend blaming him for killing her; when statues start walking across the desert and a new religion emerges in his small w...

  • Crooked Crown | NaNo 2022
    69 18 6

    Years after the beginning of a war, halfling Sigrid and her brother are trying to live their lives peacefully. Upon a visit from the Captain of the Palace Guard, the pair are invited to become guards. When Sigrid is tasked with protecting the Crown prince from a vigilante group, a mistake gets her charge kidnapped. I...

  • The Knight Of Zuke | Book 1 #NaNoWriMo
    382 51 15

    Azulrea Ruben; a girl who everyone outcasts, finds herself encountered by a group of dark forces when trying to save her best friend. Dark forces that move at night when everyone is asleep giving everyone nightmares and terrors of their life. Hell looks for Azulrea for unknown reasons and in this moment of life and de...

  • Everbloom
    38 7 1

    Seventeen-year-old Larkspur Everbloom has a secret. The women in her family stop aging once they reach adulthood. They can never die of old age. Instead, they end up murdered. Feared for their agelessness, they are pursued by a shadowy organization known as BloodSlayers. Larkspur has known this her whole life. Aunt Ma...

  • Hot For Teacher
    503 142 41

    Being a college freshman is an exciting time, especially for Cora Worthington. With no college major declared, Cora finds her heart on the tailwinds of a bad breakup with high school ex, Spencer. As the fall semester begins, an unlikely meeting leads Cora to have feelings for her world history professor, Blake Oakley...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Golden Empire | NaNoWriMo 2022
    60 8 1

    Blaire Bonner has no trouble escaping hundreds of miles away from home for university, but she does have a problem with her new roommate. And her Physics professor. And the annoyingly handsome guy sitting across from her in World History. But after stumbling upon an attempted murder at the annual back-to-school bash...

  • Dance Around It (Strip in the City, Book 1)
    28.2K 1.5K 40

    When a struggling Broadway talent agent reluctantly agrees to represent a male stripper, she finds out there's more to her new client than oiled abs. -- Today might be the worst day of my life. I just lost my biggest client to a rival acting agency in front of hundreds of people at a rooftop bar in NYC, which happene...

  • When Blue Eyes Met Green (coming soon)
    25 3 2

    One boy. One girl. One amazing friendship. Elijah Miller. Chloe Lincoln. One rollercoaster ride. Chloe Lincoln - An Eighteen-year-old girl committed to getting admission to a prestigious university while suffering through teenage problems. Elijah Miller - A cute, Eighteen-year-old boy diagnosed with cancer, struggling...

  • The Exile : The Acadian Story of Joséphine Duon
    374 44 9

    A young, under-confident Acadian woman is forced to fight for her family and homeland after they are inhumanly deported by the English. • • • Joséphine Duon has been dreaming about the perfect farm and family with her childhood sweetheart ever since she can remember. It's the way life is meant...

  • He Might Be The One
    18.8K 1.4K 13

    Hana picks up a guitar to escape her pain. But what happens when her teacher is just as good at playing her heart as he is at playing his guitar? Hana Rao isn't looking for love -- at least, that's what she thought when she picked up a guitar to learn to let go of her past. She finds herself opposite Damien D'Angelo...

  • Why Can't I Be Yours? [unedited]
    1K 330 43

    || featured @newlywrittenbooks 29/12/2022. When an 18-year-old virgin decided to leave Louisiana, her home town for Texas, an alien town she was unaware that the journey of her independence would become one of longing for a man's love and attention. With her love built on a misconception, she was unaware that Charle...

  • Caretakers 2.0
    158 40 10

    Tobias is the first of the second iteration of Caretakers, beings tasked with gathering spark to care for the city and its inhabitant, both human and machine alike. He does his best, managing to acquire the necessary skills and companions. But, when one of them warns, "They are coming," he must make some quick decisio...

  • Haco || NaNoWriMo22
    100 19 42

    When Reagan, Princess of Nephri, get murdered, she ends of being resurrected. Now, with a power hungry leader taking her place and demons watching her every move, she must make a decision. Win her throne back or risk dying again. ••• Reagan Andilet never anticipated being mu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Definitely, Maybe, Sometimes. | ✔️ COMPLETED
    9.8K 1.1K 35

    Autumn Summers wanted to go travelling as soon as she turned eighteen. Her beautiful, witty, self-sacrificing mum desperately wanted her to take the Crankstart Scholarship she'd been offered by Oxford University. Not keen to disappoint the woman who has given her so much, Autumn accepts the scholarship. What's four m...

    Completed   Mature
  • Every Glistening Night
    280 99 38

    Celisae is much like the other weavers in her tribe with one important exception: she can spin light into thread. While this talent has set her apart from the others, the secret behind her skill is dark, perhaps even deadly should her tribe find out. When a mysterious person discovers it, Celisae must go along with th...

  • I'm the Gay Best Friend - NaNoWriMo 2022
    323 81 8

    What happens when a lesbian Indian American decides it's time for her conservative school to change? *** Magnus International Academy is said to be the "home to the best and brightest students across the world." When Dana Chowdhry, sixteen-year-old aspiring journalist extraordinaire, arrives on campus con scholarship...

  • Warped Attachments
    32 11 15

    "This is your reward for saving me." His silky voice boomed through the prison cell. "To live as long as I live without aging." She stood there baffled as he disappeared from sight. Crimson red trickled down her palm onto the ground. Not aware of the terrible fate she has been entwined with, Carolyn rushed out of t...

  • When Stars Fall (NaNoWriMo22)
    56 14 42

    *COMPLETED* 100 years after the death of her sister, Alcyone is ripped from her home and brought down to Realm Beyond. With her life in danger, she ventures deeper into the mortal realm hoping to find her way back to where she truly belongs. But, a small hitch crumbles her plans of escape. A mortal boy from the outsid...

  • An Officer To Die For
    72 8 3

    {NaNoWriMo 2022} "So little Lawson Douglas finally became a cop?" She glanced up. "You say that as if it surprises you." 💙 Jeremiah Connors and Lawson Douglas haven't seen each other since high school. When Jeremiah drives back to his hometown in anticipation of his best friend's wedding he is not at all pleased...

  • His Macallan Queen A Billionaire Romance
    626 120 14

    After an explosive breakup, a billionaire goes all out to win back his soulmate. [18+] **** His Macallan Queen is the SEQUEL to Her Macallan Stud. After their explosive breakup, our reformed billionaire, Lorcan, will go balls to the walls to win back his soulmate, Tristen. Late-night calls, cross-country flights, and...

  • The Royalty Games: Crown Princess
    3.2K 654 29

    Book 1 | Princess Magda Hammond knew nothing from Before-a world of choice, freedom and romance that was just spoken of in tales. A world Before her grandparents took over what was called England after a global pandemic. All she knows is a life of luxury, jewels, wealth, and an upcoming ceremony to find her husband. ...

  • Love Expectations
    2.3K 324 14

    What if two college friends, a playboy CEO and a fresh off a long-term relationship scientist, bump into one another at their fifteen-year reunion, only to find out that both are still single and are trying to have a kid? So they write up a contract where they list their co-parenting expectations, move next door to ea...

  • Séa Gets Lucky
    241 47 23

    The mission, rescuing a princess, could be going better. Séa is an earnest paladin, honest and gullible. Tash is a rogue, tricky, greedy, and generally unable to hold down a steady job. Try as they might, they can't see eye to eye. And yet, they seem to understand one another. Along with Ghomarck the wizard, they infi...

  • Love in the Shadows
    372 99 19

    Lucy Baylor isn't scared of much, after all her life is spent in the shadows, hunting monsters. She's committed to curing the world of evil and hopefully erasing the stain on her family name. There is no place for love in her life and even if there was, she's not convinced that she deserves it. Sam Taylor decided lon...

  • A journey of peace - GOU book 1
    123 15 12

    "Peace is not the absence of external war. It's the acceptance of the internal one." ~ Grief can be a powerful motivator. When queen Maya is killed, no one cares that it was an accident, specifically not her daughter Nicole. With the dragons retreating the day after, she has an object to focus her anger on. Dragons ta...

  • Tainted Vows
    127 23 12

    There were rules to their marriage. She gets the financial security. He holds the control and power of his multi-billionaire empire, which his father won't make him a part of if he doesn't marry the girl of his father's choice. ***** Her plans were simple: get a degree, b...

  • Midnight Eclipse (Paranormal Viking Romance, In Progress)
    2.5K 515 30

    Greenland 1406: In the dim sunlight of a rare midnight eclipse--when the moon shades the never-setting sun of polar summer--the last Vikings escape Greenland's frozen shores on a longship, leaving doors ajar and fires burning. They don't know where they're going but they know they can't stay. Left on the shore stands...