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  • Malibu Love
    863K 25.4K 64

    Lauren just graduated from Political Science in Columbia University when her boyfriend Nick offered her to spend summer in Malibu with him, his brother Mark and Mark's girlfriend. What happens when Lauren meets Mark's girlfriend and realizes it's actually her ex girlfriend Camila? For three years she has been avoiding...

  • You Complete Me (Camren - Norminah - Vercy)
    821K 29.5K 39

    Tattoo completions replace the concept of marriage in this soulmate AU. With Lauren's crescent moon and Lucy's stars, they're confident that they have matching tattoos and are meant to be life partners. But what happens when their completion ceremony doesn't go as expected? After all, the only star bright enough for t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Only You Can Save Me
    1.2M 20.7K 48

    Camila is trapped in her marriage. She meets Officer Jauregui. Will Lauren be able to save Camila before it's too late? G!P Lauren Rating is Mature for sexual content and some abuse things; warnings will be posted at the beginning of each chapter for smut and abuse I have a good chunk of this book pre-written, so upda...

  • Love Me at a Distance
    427K 9.7K 33

    Lauren and Camila meet at a popular strip club. Ensue the one night stand, but what happens when feelings are caught? Camila thinks she has Lauren figured out, but Lauren has the aura of mystery. There's more than the eye can see. Are Camila and Lauren meant to be together? Or will complications make a relationship im...

  • Perfect Pair: Opposites Attract
    913K 20.5K 45

    Camila and Lauren are neighbors who used to be friends before high school began. Lauren has always had a thing for Camila, but never got the courage to tell her before going their separate ways. Lauren is an inexperienced nobody and Camila is the popular cheerleader. After one of their family dinners, the two reconne...

  • #FreeLauren
    2.7K 277 1


  • Do the Dew
    140K 3.3K 13

    Set over 20 years in the future, Camila and Lauren are married with two teenage daughters. This is the story of the antics that currently take place in the Cabello-Jauregui household.

  • The Game Plan (Camren)
    421K 11.8K 25

    it's psychological warfare.

  • Never Let Me Go (Camren/Norminah)
    180K 5.2K 33

    From the day he was born, Lucas Jauregui had been taught the way to love. As the son of two wildly successful women, and older brother to a high-energy, green eyed terror, the young boy never had much to complain about in terms of daily life. And that was just the way he liked it. However when unexplainable drama bli...

  • Algebra Blessings
    490K 9.3K 25

    Camila has been admiring Lauren since the first day of school. She's too afraid to ever make an advantage but after speaking to the girl for the first time, she realizes she's not as intimidating as she thought she was. The beautiful green eyed girl is innocent and endearing and thought Camila would make a good friend...

  • From Outer Space
    475K 16.6K 52

    Camila and Lauren have a long, long history together. They are tied to each other in more than one ways, which forces them to stay connected to each other. Lauren however, needs space to be able to fully get over her ex-girlfriend. But the fact that they are co-workers doesn't really help to provide that space. Maybe...

  • Handwritten (One Shot Collection)
    64.2K 1.6K 7

    "I pushed the door open slowly, my eyebrows lifted. It was cluttered, covered from ceiling to floor in stack after stack of various books. Stepping into the room I closed the door behind me and grabbed one to check the cover." (Camren unless noted otherwise.)

  • To You, Graceless (CAMREN)
    154K 5K 21

    Detective Camila Cabello had been stumbling through life wherever her clumsy feet took her. And when a past assignment landed back on her lap, she was sent to Las Vegas only to run into an unexpected and unconventional dalliance with Lauren Jauregui. PS: Working hard to make semantics reflective of reality. But I don...

  • the cards that life deals you {camren}
    150K 6.3K 15

    Eight year old Lauren Jauregui has developed her very first crush on her babysitter, Camila Cabello. So how exactly does such an innocent little crush make such a huge mess?

  • The Vindicated With The Monstrous
    378K 17K 37

    Camila Cabello has handled a lot of different cases in her time as a forensic psychologist, but when she encounters murder suspect, Lauren Jauregui, she is in for probably the most difficult case of her career. (Cover done by @slothtato)

  • Lazaretto (The Lost Chapters)
    3.8K 121 2

    These are the lost chapters of Lazaretto, told entirely from Lauren's point of view. Hope you enjoy :)

  • Experiments
    3.6M 47.6K 27

    A lot of girls experiment in college; it's natural. It's no different at the University of Miami, and when they're looking to experiment, they know exactly who to go to. But what will happen when she finally falls for one of the girls she hooks up with?

  • Restart
    1.2M 37.1K 37

    Lauren had never loved anyone the way that she loved Camila. But things don't always work out the way you expect them to. The two girls drift apart and life goes on. So what will happen when the two girls reunite nearly seven years later while dropping their daughters off at school? (Trigger Warning: mention of abuse...

  • Descent (Lazaretto trilogy)
    25K 975 7

    read Lazaretto and Tyrant first! :)

  • Talk Me Down (Camren)
    584K 18.9K 25

    After four years of living content and at peace, Camila Cabello is forced to move back to her hometown of Miami, Florida, where she left nothing behind other than bullies and a crush that didn't exactly work out. When she starts her new school, she has plans to fly under the radar, but everything changes when she come...

  • The Bachelorette
    124K 4.2K 10

    "You get punished by the decisions you make, not for them, and Camila, I promise that five and a half years away from you was punishment enough." Cover by: SLOTHTATO **I do not in any way am affiliated with The Bachelor/The Bachelorette franchise. All ideas and concepts from the show are NOT owned by me.**

  • A World Where Roses Bloom || Camren
    395K 11.3K 37

    Maybe Lauren doesn't know lots of things about life or how this thing called 'Love' works, but she is sure of one thing: loving Camila is possibly the easiest thing to do.