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  • The Graphic Wattys 2018 [CLOSED]
    14.8K 1K 19

    The Wattys in 2018 are over and the winners are announced - but it's been two years since the last time we hosted the Graphic Wattys, and designers still haven't had a category in the Wattys! This year, we're bringing back the Wattys with #GraphicWattys2018. Regardless of your experience, as long as you're a graphic d...

  • Bonds of Destiny
    62.2K 3.1K 37

    "Chaos is coming, my child. You must change it and so you must be ready. You need to be prepared..." A dream changed everything for Skye Anderson. A fiercely independent girl who sees the memories flooding her mind reminding her that she is missing her other half as an ongoing nightmare. He was the...

  • Bloody Rhapsody (Damon Salvatore Love)
    95.7K 2.9K 41

    Rhapsody, state of elated bliss or ecstasy. Nereza (Neressa) is a girl who could not understand the meaning behind these words. Being cursed with a drunk father, and a mother who died when she was young, Nereza has known only her dreary existence. Having very little time for fun, or the friends to have it with, the...

  • The Survivor (Book 1)
    2K 523 38

    *Winner of #FGU fanfiction Awards* What if Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Melark both died in the 75th annual hunger games? That would mean no winner, no uprising, and the games would continue. Once President Snow dies his nephew, Johnathan Dawson is the new president, and the hunger games continue. Meet Freya, a sixtee...

  • Forever Yours - Damon Salvatore [BEING REWRITTEN]
    1M 25.4K 83

    "The day you died, it was as if my heart was made of glass. It shattered into pieces, and no one was able to glue it back together." "Why didn't you just move on? Why didn't you save yourself all of the pain, the grief, the misery and forget about me?" ...

  • Not So Innocent (A Dark Fantasy Novel)
    2.1K 457 16

    When Lexa was a girl, her mother commanded her to dream. "Dream" she said, "Because no person shall be able to contain your thoughts." Her father was rarely ever around, working the mines far away from their modest home. But he was always a bit more honest. "Dream, my daughter," he would say, "for the life you make in...

  • GLOW ✨ D. HALE
    110K 2.3K 21

    REWRITING In which a glowing haired girl falls in love with a werewolf [Loosely based of season 2] Book One

  • After the Battle [Harry Potter] ~ UNDER CONSTRUCTION
    8.1K 1.1K 24

    Harry Potter has finally succeeded in defeating Voldemort, with the help of Ron and Hermione, of course. Being the good students they are - especially Hermione - our three favourite wizards are back at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to finish the year and get their N.E.W.T.s. What Harr...

  • Fade Into Black - Shadows of the Night 5
    550K 48.2K 67

    Colors danced behind my eyes, until the world fell into a haze of dark mist. Black fissures of power within arm's reach. Mine. Magic slammed into me, endless and vast like a tidal wave coming in and crushing over my head. I took it, absorbed it, glutted myself on it because it felt good. No consequences. No...

  • Veal & Venison {Tomione || 1940s/1990s}
    1.6M 69.2K 88

    #180 in Fanfiction || In the language of literature, there exists a seemingly-concrete, antonymous relationship between good and evil, light and dark, hero and monster. And yet, we often disregard the transition from one to another, in which the 'bad guy' becomes 'good.' Perhaps it was the cruel mistreatment...