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  • Tomboy Talk
    427 14 3

    Tanya is having difficulty with her emotions, and visits a fellow tomboy for advice- Tweak. She wasn't expecting the answer, though. A three-shot where it's a sort of prequel/preview for the sequel!

  • Eye of the Storm
    3.1K 85 26

    A holiday trip to Africa fails as Zoe, Bella and Tanya crashland near the Octopod during a storm. But when a mysterious new enemy kidnaps Bella, they're thrown into the biggest adventure of their lives as they desperately try to stop the biggest and most dangerous storm they're ever faced yet.

  • Forbidden Romance
    7.8K 89 13

    After an encounter where Tweak rescues Barnacles from a fishing net, the 2 start to develop crushes on each other. This slowly turns into a blossoming romance. But, due to Tweak's old colony running out of food, Tweak is told to marry childhood friend Wilbert, in order to unite the colonies of rabbits and keep the rab...

  • Survival Mode
    7.5K 258 48

    There was been a zombie breakout in a famous city, Burkland. Dashi Smith is forced indoors along with her father, servant, and four refuge seekers who she hardly knows. Fast forward, Dashi finds herself falling for one of the mysterious strangers, Shellington Bjorgman. Two of the strangers are too falling for each oth...