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  • Doubt
    6.2K 225 22

    Sherlock (BBC) Fanfiction: story mine / characters someone else's

  • Benedict Cumberbatch Imagines
    111K 3.5K 27

    Some imagines of you and Benedict Cumberbatch in chronological order!

  • Between The Raindrops- A Johnlock Fanfiction (Sequel to Beside You)
    253K 8.5K 33

    (Sequel to 'Beside You- A Johnlock Fanfiction') Now, finally reunited and married, the consulting detective takes his blogger for a honeymoon in Paris- but not is all as it seems, because awaiting amongst the enchanting sights and blissful haze is a figure from the past, who has news of a new nemesis who wishes to top...

  • Beside You- A Johnlock Fanfiction (BBC Sherlock) *UNDER HEAVY EDITING*
    891K 27.2K 40

    POST REICHENBACH/JOHNLOCK AU. Two years after watching the love of his life commit suicide, John Watson has faded out. Balancing between sleepless nights or facing the nightmares to see Sherlock’s face again; he knows the game is over. But he never had closure. And so, on a bleak Christmas Eve, he visits Sherlock’s...

  • Somebody to Die For- BBC Sherlock|Johnlock|Sequel to Between the Raindrops
    44.1K 1.6K 9

    (Sequel to ‘Beside You’ and ‘Between the Raindrops’) “A bullet and a bullet-wound are certainly two very different things. The bullet flies towards whom it is aimed, and the bullet-wound is the consequence of who gets hit. It is human nature that determines the impact, wouldn’t you agree?” Hide your skull and grab a s...

  • The Mischievous Shakespeare
    2.7K 147 18

    Broken hearted Iris heads over to London to start anew. Due to a mix up in her luggage, she meets Tom, the guy she'd wanted to meet so much. But without her knowing, Tom was hoping the same as well. Will they find love?

  • The Hobbit Imagines
    637K 17.5K 65

    ~ONGOING~ Imagines with your favorite characters from the Hobbit! Including - but not limited to - Thorin, Legolas, Kili, Fili, and Bilbo! Characters from The Lord of the Rings are also included. •••• I started writing these when I was fourteen, so they start out a little rough. ❗️I no longer take requests for this b...

  • Frost Bite
    328 18 5

    She’d never been undressed by words alone before…She couldn't fathom how a stranger could make her feel so at home…He intrigued her…In the absence of touch, smell or sight...He became the most vivid part of her imagination…He made fell, understood…And in a way she never knew she longed for…His voice arrested her, and...

  • Sing For Me
    86K 2.2K 122

    In all your fantasies you always knew, that man and mystery.................we're both in you Lisa longs for a fresh start for her and her children but is adamant after everything she has been through to do it alone. So she heads for London a place she had loved since a child, would it be her saving grace. She so want...

  • Sing Once Again With Me
    22.8K 699 80

    They have been through so much, pain and heartache but also such joy and wonder the stuff that memories are made of, but now with a new home their sweet haven just how they want it, their beautiful daughter Freja along with the gorgoeus Riley and Ellie their little family complete it would seem that Lisa and Ben have...

    Completed   Mature