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  • Embers From Within (Casa Fuego Series #6)
    44.2K 1.5K 43

    In spite of his family name, Articus Theoden Divinagracia managed to become a self-made businessman. He is acclaimed for his steadfast rise in the business industry which makes it unsurprising that his women of liking are the successful and independent ones. And Therese Celestine Hermedilla was the polar opposite. Wh...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Enchanted Knave (Casa Fuego Series #3)
    39.9K 2.3K 39

    The vengeful Eleanor Adelaide Salvacion, disguised as Adelle Rodriguez, is the nth secretary of the knave Conor Villacorta. In seek of justice for her murdered father figure, Adelle believes that Conor, the biological son of Don Salvador, is the killer. It is easy to believe so... because Conor Villacorta has anger ma...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kismet
    27.5K 1.9K 82

    Just like every student, Syver also struggles with his studies. As someone who excels academically, he won't just let himself fail. And that's when he started watching online videos to understand each lessons better. But an advertisement with Azi's face in it kept on appearing, making him mad. . .but he somehow ended...

  • Got To Go
    43.2K 2.9K 77

    When Imogen found out about this 'housemate' of her best friend, her curiousity about him grew. So, when she found out more things about him, she started doing things that will surely annoy him. And when Zy gets mad with this behavior, how is she gonna get away from the trouble?

  • Elyu Series #1: Drifting with the Waves
    286K 18.7K 53

    In the sleepy town of San Juan, La Union, the waves are unrelenting. Sereia Montanez leads a quiet life with no desire to rule the waves until a boy from Manila arrived and changed everything... This is a story about a girl, a boy, and an ocean between them.

    Completed   Mature
  • Between Yours and Mine
    90.9K 6.9K 131

    Between what's hers and his seemed incompatible. Aleiah doesn't give a damn about anything except her family and building her career. Living a life where failure is an unwanted guest, she does her best in med school and barely gives a try to open her heart. But, just like her energy, she doesn't need to chase; she att...

    Completed   Mature
  • Just the Ticket
    425K 22K 44

    (Whisky Bottle Series #1)

    Completed   Mature
  • At Serein Avenue
    145K 5.4K 163

    an epistolary. VELNOREZ BOYS #2

    Completed   Mature
  • Hatemate Part Two (Lovestruck Series)
    226K 14.4K 37

    After two years of not hearing anything from each other, Billie and Deion unexpectedly meet at a college orientation. Not ending up on good terms in high school, both of them knew that they are never going to be friends again-not when they could only talk in the form of arguing most of the time. Surely, they did not w...

  • Eyes On Me, Baby (COMPLETED)
    8.2M 447K 63

    Karaminah Viel Trajano has always been told that she's... peculiar. She just doesn't like the things that girls her age are expected to like. But she loves writing... that's probably the only normal thing about her. Problem is, her parents do not support her 'career' of choice. For them, it's nothing more than a hobby...

  • Beat the Defender
    2.1M 95.7K 43

    (Skyline Series # 2) If we'd talk about the ideals, there are traits that are never absent and always included. Pagiging mabait, matalino, at syempre gwapo. Those are Manila Philippines Satorre's type. Also... someone her age, of course. He got it all. Except for the last mentioned.

    Completed   Mature
  • So, you hate my playlist?
    238K 13.2K 116

    An Epistolary. 📀 | Completed As far as Sachella Amenthysne Corpuz can remember, Hunter Maxim Lopez has been on the top of her list of hated men ever since he stole her position for the band she planned to get in, Slate 809. Until Battle of the Bands came and Slate 809 is suddenly in need of a female vocalist, leaving...

    Completed   Mature
  • You Again (Love in Paris # 5)
    1M 50K 303

    An epistolary

  • Addicted to Your Ugly Parts (Hanvi#2)
    143K 10.9K 74

    even if this won't give me heaven, i'll be your slave.

    Completed   Mature
  • That's That
    2.3M 92.3K 45

    (Skyline Series # 1) Rayana Nirvana Garcia likes this certain friend of her brothers so much. She always steals glances at him whenever he's at their house. Her seventeen-year-old heart would always beat furtively for the twenty-three-year-old guy. She's feisty and blunt. She could easily confess her feelings for him...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pursuing Our Freedom| ✓
    4.5M 278K 50

    seniors series #3 A Senior Highschool series. complete [unedited] We are expected to be filial to the ones who brought us into this world. Pero hanggang saan ba ang hangganan ng pagiging mabuting anak? Philomena Gracia Valderama is the epitome of an obedient daughter, lahat ng utos sa kan'ya ng kan'yang mga magulang a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Everything Rosy
    34.2K 3.3K 50

    everything feels right with you.

  • We're betting on my birthday
    157K 9.3K 114

    An Epistolary. 🍰 | Completed In fury about being dubbed as the Valentine gift carrier, Hailey takes her shot to get a boyfriend before going off to college. Certainly, when else can be the perfect time to search for the ideal guy to be her last dance (slash boyfriend) now that her eighteenth birthday is around the co...

    Completed   Mature
  • Take Home a Baggage
    121K 7.9K 106

    An Epistolary. 🧳 | Completed Came summer and the best friends, Silas and Marchienne, have nothing to do aside from lurking around several dating applications. After swiping right on almost all potential partners (which mostly has led to such disappointment), both have had enough and agree to try something new: for a...

  • Heart Flutters
    48.8K 3.9K 68

    "oh please you wanna kiss me so bad."

    Completed   Mature
  • Flipping Pages
    213K 10.9K 96

    An epistolary.

  • Afterglow
    115K 5.7K 153

    an epistolary. VELNOREZ BOYS #4

    Completed   Mature
  • Flickering Lights
    696K 22.4K 200

    An epistolary

  • Among the Flower Fields
    148K 8.2K 93

    Petals began looking a hue darker everytime she sees him. Hyacinth's job as a student nurse is to assist patients and follow orders from superiors, not to roll her eyes every chance she gets to see their resident doctor, Dr. Altheron Santimera. But, truly, sunshines do make flowers bloom. Maybe it's because of his s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Can't Stop Giving In
    167K 8.9K 81

    "Give it to me like you need it, baby." - Girls Need Love, Summer Walker

    Completed   Mature
  • Amidst
    138K 7.9K 80

    An epistolary.

  • Hanggang sa Pag-alis
    75.7K 666 4

    Erudite Emanuela Solari's only priority is her ambitions; to serve the people, leave a legacy, maintain her good role as a star student. Iyon lang ang pokus niya. Iyon lang ang binibigyan niya ng halaga simula una pa lang. With her mind that instructs her on what to do, paano na ang ibang sumisilakbong pangarap? Paano...

  • Addicted In Your Electric Voice
    40.4K 3.1K 69

    One thing is for sure; I had never touched my ice-like translucencies until your snarling pulsation thawed my closed heart with the lividity of your rhymes. As poets make love with their words, I fly in the rhythms of you despite the stillness I possess. as long as I am with your electric tunes, our parallel beings ar...

    Completed   Mature
  • Midnight Kisses
    300K 16.1K 109

    An Epistolary. 🌙 | Completed Sabrina Ysabelle Montiega wants to take a gap year before senior high school. However, things never go as planned as Sabrielle finds herself enrolling into an online class at a university where she happens to become block mates with Jett Alexandrus Bella Corte, the teen car racer who tren...

  • Summertime Fondness
    117K 4.6K 144

    an epistolary. VELNOREZ BOYS #3