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  • I love Sky (On Hold)
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    A mentally-depressed and naive, sixteen year old, Katherine Clayton, falls in love with her new next-door neighbor, Damien Sky. There are a few things about this Damien Sky; he's the boy at the back of the room, earphones on, not-giving-a-damn, and of course, sleeping. He's the boy with a couple of names who is in a b...

  • S U N D O W N (Lana Del Rey Fan Fiction)
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    ❝ I like to write about the way things used to be and paint pictures of my memories with beautiful words and melodies ❞ Notes: Quotes: Poems inspired by Lana Del Rey 07/08/14 - Poetry #566

  • ONLY The Fandom Stuff
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    WELCOME TO SHIPLANTIS! PLEASE SHUT THE LID OF THE TRASH CAN BEHIND YOU AND BEWARE OF THE FEELS, those horrible creatures!! Before reading, be sure to agree with the following terms and conditions: [ ] I accept to follow the motto "Fandom before blood" About this AMAZHANG story: Just a book filled of laughter, feels, m...