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  • sanity [bts|namjin|yoonkook|vminseok|bxb]
    2.5K 88 12

    "welcome to the loony bin" or, seokjin enters a mental hospital thinking everyone there is insane but learns that they actually aren't that bad

  • hoes [bts|yoonkookseok|vmin|namjin|bxb]
    592 27 4

    a bts twitter group chat au

  • Different - MaskedMexican
    5.4K 305 9

    Ryan was 8 years of age when his parents were hunted down and murdered. They were hunted because they had something that was meant to be contained. That was meant to be put in a training facility, formally known as 'The Centre'. The Centre contained people. Not just any person you might meet on the street. It was a pl...

  • Youtuber One Shots
    1.5K 55 8

    This is a collection of boyxboy and girlxgirl one shots because those are the only things I'm good at writing. I do take requests so if you have one, you can message me. I do write smut, as well.

  • EZ Book of One Shots
    870 26 18

    This is gonna be my book of one shots JUST CUZ. Warning: I'm terrible at these. WARNING: NO SMUT BECAUSE THAT WOULD CREATE A SMOKING CRATER WHERE MY HOUSE USED TO BE.

  • Trouble in Terrorist's Town
    4.7K 148 18

    So many souls to destroy So many ways to break them So many ideas to put in motion But So Little Time

  • Any Shipping Oneshots!
    4.9K 218 22


  • YouTube One-Shots
    1.6K 47 12

    Just some random one-shots requests are open I do everything no limits (as long as I recognize the ship) I will do smut, fluff, angst, au, ANYTHING!

  • Youtuber and OC OneShots!!! :)
    17.4K 482 54

    This will be my Youtuber and OC's ONESHOTS book! I will accept all pairings, no matter what. Just comment what you want to see written about, and I will make sure to write it! I would like it to remain youtuber x youtuber, or youtuber x OC, or youtuber x reader, for now at least. I will accept guy x guy or girl x girl...

  • The Fabulous Book of Youtuber One-shots
    1.7K 77 18

    Just a bunch of random one shots. Requests are closed for now. ~if I don't like/know the person or pairing, I won't do it. Sorry~

  • Awesome Fanfictions
    56.3K 2.2K 139

    Fanfiction that doesn't belong in the TTT book,SeaChaos book,SeaMexican book,or whatever new books I'm starting. Yes. Nailed it.

  • YouTuber One-Shots
    16K 378 27

    This is my YouTuber One-Shot book. I try to work hard to make some happy stories and some sad stories for you guys. There will be some One-Shots with a bad ending with death or break-ups. There will be some One-Shots with a good ending with marriage, dating, or maybe even smut. Who knows! {me, Lol} Als...

  • Chase's Book of YT One-Shots
    12.7K 518 23

    There's about a thousand of these lying around on WattPad. Let me know if you have a prompt or a request! For now, I'll just upload whatever I happen to write. This book is specifically for YT oneshots; another one-shot book may be appearing in the future for miscellaneous things. Happy reading! -Chase- word count to...

  • I Am Not Superman
    33.2K 1.3K 23

    All his friends had superpowers. And James thought he was the only normal one. However, one day he found himself able to fly. With devastating and heartbreaking back stories, James learns that being a superpower isn't all that great. Follow his journey through ups and downs as James tries to control his new found pow...

  • Gamer One-shots
    5.7K 234 7

    Random Youtube one-shots more around the gaming community. *Not including Seamexican or Zeroyalchaos I have separate books for those.

  • The Price of Betrayal | Mianite S2 FicLet
    1K 60 5

    Jordan "CaptainSparklez" Maron is sick of everything. His goddess Ianite, his friend the Farmer Steve, his step-daughter Martha the Mystic, step-grandson Prince Andor and everyone else: Tom, Tucker, Sonja and James all put an insane amount of pressure on him, and he's sick of it. Everyone only really wants from him is...

  • Champions- SyndiSparklez {ON HOLD/DISCONTINUED}
    9.1K 342 12

    We all know that Tom is Dianite's champion. We all know that Jordan is Ianite's champion. But what if something caused one to no longer be a champion? "Will you be a champion with me?"

  • Libidinous - RoyalChaos One Shots
    13.6K 499 11

    Welcome to a very odd arrangement of stories about two gamers....

  • Remember (A Royalchaos/Zeroyalchaos Fanfic)
    6.2K 252 5

    Chilled and Ze are a functional, quirky, loving couple. But what happens when one loses their memory in an accident? Watch as they get to fall in love all over again and maybe even learn some new things about each other. This is also my first fanfic so if the writing is bad or something like, please forgive me friend...