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  • Smile, Dear
    513K 22.3K 33

    The precarious case of Elias was anything but ordinary. A sadistically morbid vampire with a sudden unhealthy obsession with him draws him into the mythological world. Even worse, this also draws the attention of conjurors, mysterious beings with close-knit ties to the supernatural that serve as catalyst for the impen...

    1.5M 67.5K 49

    ❝But in the end one needs more courage to live than to kill himself.❞ ― Albert Camus Incubi were complex, brutal creatures. While they thrived on chaos, their selective methods were calculatedly strict. The vanished were always eighteen years old when, or if, they were taken by an Incubus. If they weren't that age, it...

  • Burning Red (bxb)
    15.5K 751 3

    Every year since his 2nd birthday, Ashley, Ash for short, has been losing the ability to see colors. Yellow on his ninth birthday, Violet on his 13th, Pink last year and so on and so on, like clockwork. Until he meets Reece Red, a white spoiled and entitled rich kid with a chip on his shoulder and they fall in love. I...

  • Run.
    1M 26.8K 37

    Vance was an ex-criminal running from the Cross Syndication, an infamous criminal organization. Gabriel was the young fool who stumbled into a deadly situation ... and stayed. "Run until you're bleeding from the soles of your sore feet and the breath you had once inhaled is nothing but the hopeless, unavoidable...

  • Mr. Terrific (Superhero BoyxBoy)
    322K 15.3K 21

    Keegan's the type of guy that's afraid to steal his neighbor's Wi-Fi. And in a city overrun with hunky new superheroes with more to hide than just their identities, crazy science teachers threatening to end all life on earth and, well, parents, that might not be the best character trait to have. Mix in the fact that...

  • Breakable
    83K 4.4K 10

    (INDEPENDENT BOOK OF THE KB SERIES) Love isn't something that comes easily to Xavier Reis, which is why he chose to settle with a man who continues to be unfaithful to him. Until he meets Julian Vega, a hopeless romantic who has nothing going for him aside from his career as a male stripper. Xavier must choose betwe...

  • Breaking the Rules [BoyxBoy]
    552K 27.9K 34

    (BOOK THREE OF THE KISSING BOOTH SERIES) Trey Carter's path is meant to be straight and narrow. His parents spent their whole lives trying to prepare him for a successful life and deviation would not be tolerated. Especially not when Trey gets involved with a boy who has a blatant disregard for the law. cover made...

  • The Boy I Love (Rewritten Version)
    45.2K 1.5K 6

    Christopher "Leo" Daniels hasn't had much luck. After his father confessed his love for another woman and his mother's depression landed her in a deep coma, Leo decides to start a new life with a new home and a new school. He promised himself that he would take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity by not...

  • ARDENT (The Rapture Series #2)
    3.6M 180K 52

    Eric hadn't expected the yearning to consume him entirely, coursing through every inch of his being and undeniably defining him in ways he didn't need to want or wanted to need. And yet, somehow, he'd found himself longing in abundance after being fired and broken-up with in a single scoop. And Eric tried to forget. O...

  • Love Letters to You [On Hold]
    143K 10K 28

    Cal Raney lives in a world where being gay is unheard of. When Cal finds himself falling in love with a boy who doesn't feel the same, the only way to profess his love is with a paper and a pen.

  • How to Be a Virgin
    303K 15.2K 25

    SEQUEL TO HOW TO BE STRAIGHT Mike Lacey never had much luck when it came to love. For his entire life, he had been labeled as the weird, hyperactive kid who could talk anyone's ear off and being best friends with the hottest boy in school didn't help his chances either. It seems as though everyone around him is enj...

  • Acidic Love (MXM BDSM)
    438K 14.4K 36

    Eoin is a man close to giving up. Perhaps because he's realized nobody in his town will ever show him any interest. What's keeping him there? A dark club on the end of town, His brother, His job? Or maybe there's someone or something else. Roan's top dog and he's bored of it. He wants something new. Needs it. However...

  • Fools Game: Signs (BoyxBoy)
    1.6K 57 2

    ((( Sequel To Fools Game: Love ))) --- Gary's always been sure when it comes to how he feels and what he wants out of life, but ever since he came back from England... things have been going 'wrong'. Gary now finds him self questioning his own feelings and doesn't know how long he can stand watching Seth put his han...

  • We All Fall Down (BxMxM+)
    197K 10.3K 12

    At his fathers deathbed, Erik Spice vowed to himself that he would be a quarter of the man his father was. He devoted his life to everybody and anybody who needed help, not expecting anybody to truly take him up on his generous offer. Yet, now he has a household growing with young men. Starting with a boy of fourteen...

    Completed   Mature
  • Jasper Smith MUST die (BoyxBoy)
    9.5K 460 20

    When Oscar Lively moves to the outskirts of London he expects a land of boredom, nothing to do. Not a patch on his Florida. That's immediately overturned when the rowdy teen meets the beautiful Jasper Smith. He's sexy, he's cute, he's popular and feminine- too bad he's taken. What do Eric Lively, Scott Abraha...

  • A Walk On The Wilder Side (Mpreg)
    8.7K 353 5

    I SINCERLEY SUGGEST THAT YOU READ THE FIRST BOOK, "A Walk On The Softer Side", before this. ♥Book #2♥ More lies, betrayal and lust than before. Uncover the Lycan mystery that formed one of the most secretive societies of today. October Walters is in darkness, kidnapped whilst in a place that he had never wanted to b...

  • Birthright
    48K 4.9K 52

    After decades of conflict with Sansers, superhuman beings who invaded earth, the Allied Native Forces triumphed by creating an army of Metas and took back what was left of the planet. Almost a century later, the descendants of these invaders are struggling to find their place in a world where they are despised. But so...

  • Intangible
    39.2K 1.3K 6

    ❝In these dreams it's always you: The boy in the sweatshirt, The boy on the bridge, the boy who always keeps me from jumping off the bridge. Oh, the things we invent when we are scared and want to be rescued. Your jeep. Your teeth. The coffee that you bought me.❞ -I Had A Dream About You, Richard Siken T...

  • Monster [m/m]
    25.2K 787 4

    Aiden doesn't believe in monsters. At least, he didn't. [gore/dubcon/noncon]

  • Euphoria (One-shots)
    156K 477 4

    Girlxgirl naughtiness in this chapter. yay

  • Tragic Magic 2: Black Magic [boyxboy]
    150K 7.8K 18

    Cody is back in California - miserable and missing Tristan. Life is different since he got back from London and his friends seem distant and exclusive. He wants his boyfriend and he wants the thrill of saving the world. Careful what you wish for...

  • An Accidental Collision Of Atoms {BoyxBoy}
    195K 1.6K 8

    If hate was a person, to Sean it would be the deadly, strong and oh-so-irritating Zeus. Hatred doesn't come in small amount when it comes to them but who ever said the universe would care? No, if Karma is a b*tch then the Gods are most definitely the mothers of all b*tches. But when life gives you lemons, get some teq...

  • The Bucket List [boyxboy]
    24.9K 1.3K 11

    [boyxboy] [formerly "Charlie".] Charlie and his friends are bored and not afraid to take a few risks in order to have some fun. Enter Byron: silent; mysterious; tragic; with only a year to live. He wants to have some fun too...

  • Blasphemous Relations
    25.7K 1.3K 9

    "No one can do you the way that I do." he smirked. As if the relationships between vampires and werewolves wasn't awkward enough, the Gods decided that Blaise, of the Tormenta Pack, would be the perfect to Xenos Zukowski. But love isn't as simple when there is more than one specie involved and even more when an ass l...

  • One Shots 3.0 [boyxboy]
    464K 10.8K 20

    Fluff and fireworks.

  • Dominance and Submission (boyxboy)
    799K 34.6K 24

    Fire fighter Damion Tazzo lives life on the edge; running into burning buildings, saving lives and saving the day. He knows what it means to take risks but most of all, he knows how to be discreet. He doesn't do emotional entanglements, not when the life he has is fraught with so much danger and uncertainty, but a ch...

  • One Last Shot [boyxboy]
    297K 9.5K 8

    [ON HOLD] (Book 7) Anthony Stewart finds solice in one thing and one thing only. The one thing that's been there with him throughout everything and that's a bottle of Budlight. Until one night Anthony passes out, only to wake up in someone else's apartment. Actually, two someones. Actually, two someones that want the...

  • A Vampire's Marine (boyxboy)
    3M 122K 67

    When a master class vampire decides he wants a certain marine by his side then nothing; not even that marine's own hatred of what he is will stop him from making him his Cover by; AuthorJJones

  • Sugar Coated [boyxboy]
    149K 3.8K 11

    STOP! CAN'T TOUCH THIS. No, seriously. This story is in the process of being rewritten! Pay no attention to it right now♥

  • Captive [malexmale]
    120K 6.6K 6

    [ON HOLD] It's supposed to be just another vacation for Julian Skylar... until he's thrown from his father's yacht in the middle of the ocean and finds himself on a mysterious island. And when things go bump in the night, Julian realizes he isn't the only one on the island... [Warning: Explicit content]