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  • Hostile Resolve - BK3 TPBS 1st Draft Complete
    1M 44.1K 46

    Book 3 of The Price Brothers Stories Grayson had distanced himself from his family unless it was unavoidable. He liked his life as it was now but felt at times that there was something missing. Could she be the piece to finish the puzzle? © COPYRIGHT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. *****ADULT CONTENT AND EXTREME LANGUAGE***** #...

  • The Runaway Bride
    1.7M 18.3K 39

    Perfect ---- The understatement of Diane's life. Former playgirl Diane Bustamante felt happy on her upcoming wedding. Finally, She was ready to tie the knots with Tyler and was content on settling down once and for all. But WAIT!! -- CANCELED? POSTPONED?! what was that all about? Apparently, the perfect wedding...

  • Beautiful Monster
    32.1K 749 7

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

  • 5:48 [re-write 2.0]
    3.4M 1.9K 4

    Sometimes all you really need is a place to call home. * * * Being re-written completely as of May 14, 2021

  • 23:11
    56.4M 1.6M 115

    A writer. A weird stranger. A lot of little conversations. An online understanding. Every night. 23:11.

  • Blood and Kisses (COMPLETED)
    512K 4.1K 8

    I made a mistake. I created a threat. A threat that might lead to the extinction of my kind and the human race. I have to destroy it before it destroys me. I have to kill it right after he stops seducing me.

  • Wicked Ways 2
    10M 71.2K 77

    Kilala na ni Charlize ang mga hilatsa ni Ram. He's the kind of guy who can take off a girl's panties faster than he can change gear in a race track. Kaliwa't kanan, taas baba ang babae nito. He is a Man Whore, so to speak. Kaya naman, she's keeping him at arm's length. Nunca na magkakaroon ito ng tyansa sa kanya. Pero...