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  • She's Special
    646K 19.1K 47

    Modern Clexa Clarke is a 17yr old in high school. Has a great life, good friends, boyfriend, great mom and is good at school. How could it get any better? Lexa a 18yr student in the same year as Clarke.

  • Earth-40
    2.3K 102 15

    DISCLAIMER: The Characters in this story does not be long to me. It belongs to the writers of Supergirl. The story belongs to the Author OK so let's get on with the summary😀 When Kara crossed the portal from Earth 1, an enormous billboard with a picture of her next to Lena Luthor welcomed her. A picture she didn't r...

  • Shock Value
    414 18 1

    All her understanding of the world fell apart before her. She knew Kara as sweet and gentle ray of sunshine. And not as a sexual beast that had an enormous stamina and could go on for hours!

  • Suporcorp// Kara Danvers/ Lena Luthor
    149K 3.7K 31

    Lena discovers she has deep feeling for kara. But will she get the chance to tell her. Kara is protecting Lena and she gets badly hurt. What will happen next?

  • She's a Luthor // supercorp short
    2.8K 139 2

    Kara loved Lena, and definitely wanted to be her friend, but what if she wanted to be more?

  • Meet The Parents
    1.2K 57 1

    "Lena Luthor, this is getting ridiculous!" Kara yelled through the door to her girlfriend's office at L-Corp HQ. She heard Jess snort behind her. Okay, she had to agree. It was rather funny. Lena Luthor, CEO of the multibillion corporation, a woman who terrified seasoned and hardened businessmen... was hiding in her o...

  • Of Bodies And Stares
    857 30 1

    Kara's neck was way too defined and her shoulders were broad even though she always hunched her back. Plus that time Kara wore a backless dress to one of the galas Lena invited her to. Lena would be lying if she said she didn't tripped over her own feet when she saw the rippling muscles.

  • Can We Go Back
    42K 1.5K 20

    Kara Danvers runs into an old friend from highschool. Lena Luthor. What happens when Kara doesn't like the way things are? What happens when all she wants to do is go back? To try and fix things? Will she try and fix things now, or leave them as they are? Lena Luthor sees someone from her past. Kara Danvers. What hap...

  • Journalism
    3.1K 110 2

    Kara Danvers' new job as a reporter is to spend a few days with Lena Luthor to find out about her new company, L-Corp. Will feelings get in the way? (Also, read this on AO3! My acc is kaitlinc <3)

  • A Supercorp story
    158K 4.1K 23

    A Supercorp fanfic

  • Fugitives (A SuperCorp Fanfiction)
    30.7K 1.2K 9

    Due to Lillian Luthor's arrest, Cadmus releases a creature that can manipulate and unlock the secrets of the human brain. It seems to be searching for Supergirl's secret identity, so she becomes a fugitive within her own city. Supergirl must turn to Lena Luthor for guidance.

  • Holiday Season
    10.1K 447 5

    One secret. Two girls. A day meant for happiness , joy and love. Who knows what will happen when it's the holiday season

  • A Luthor and a Super, who knew they could be so perfect for each other
    30K 1K 10

    Lena Luthor has come to National City to start over. Since her last name is Luthor, people always suspect that she's evil, like Lex. But coming to National City can maybe be her start over. Maybe add a relationship in her new start? Kara Danvers wasn't a reporter. She was Cat Grants assistant at CatCo. Her cousin, Cla...

  • shattered souls won't mend themselves (supercorp au)
    22.1K 982 12

    Coauthor: infinity_in_his_eyes What causes a shattered soul? For Lena, it was a mother's contempt, a father's indifference, a brother's betrayal, and eight years in the cut-throat world of a foster home. For Kara, it was 15 years of happiness, dashed to pieces by a ghastly tragedy. Can two broken souls find solace in...

  • The Thing About Us
    109K 4.4K 26

    My love, take your time. Supercorp: slow burn.

  • Red kryptonite confidence
    23.6K 687 6

    Kara is exposed to red kryptonite which makes her inner dark side really shine through. Bad thought, bad attitude, bad desires. Alex, Lena, and all of the DEO are doing everything in their power to bring their loved and wanted Kara back

  • Of Knights and Aliens
    273K 14K 177

    Things are done differently in the Danvers Kingdom, where Queen Eliza Danvers herself has adopted the Kryptonian Kara Zor-El and where her other daughter Alex is a full fledged knight. Their calm world gets shaken when Kara is put in a situation where she reveals her powers and when new people enter their lives like M...

  • In Love With a Luthor
    51.1K 2.4K 17

    [DISCONTINUED] "Kara! What a pleasant surprise! I actually needed to talk to you about something." Lena said as she walked around her desk to greet the blonde. "I already know..." Kara sighed as she adjusted her glasses and shied away from the dark haired woman. Lena drained of color and her heart jumped into her thr...

  • She's Magic {supercorp]
    58.6K 2.2K 16

    The hardest part about love isn't finding who you want, but finding out if they want you. When Kara gets hooked on a green eyed girl, will she be able to get her or will she just be stuck?