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  • 3.1 | Animal Instinct ✓
    4.4M 194K 26

    After stumbling upon a murder, Quinn Reilly is placed under a witness-protection program. But things spiral out of control when Alpha Jed Trevino shows up, claiming to be both the murderer and her mate. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2015 by Noelle N. Cover by @stereohearted.

  • The Alpha's Den
    127K 5.4K 11

    'By killing one brother you cursed another. But do not worry or kill in a hurry. If by a certain date he finds his mate, he is saved, but if she waits you might not know if you speak to one brother or the other.'

  • Xerxes Knight: The Alpha King | ON GOING.
    6.1M 167K 68

    |HIGHEST RANKING| #4 in Werewolf. #1 in Mate. * "He's dangerous. He's invincible." "He can take on hundreds of werewolves all by himself." "Because of his crebrous sins, he's bound to live alone forever, without a mate." "The moon goddess didn't bless him with a mate as a punishment to his atrocious ways." "Who will e...

  • Meum Miraculum
    15.9M 507K 50

    He was powerful. He was terrifying. Said to be cruel and unjust. Terrifyingly possessive. He had the world, but to him she was his world. There was nothing he wouldn't do for his miraculum.

  • Waking The Beast
    212K 7K 10

    Kit, a young brunette with a wretched father and horrible past. She somehow manages to wrap the most powerful man to exist around her little finger, the infamous Declan. Just not in the way you think. Fate has a way of pairing the weakest with strongest, complete opposites, and he will never let her go once he finds...

  • Roman
    507K 17.4K 31

    He was filled with hate, unable to control the beast inside of him. He knew nothing except for murder. He hated everyone and everything. Everyone was terrified of him. She lost everything in the attack. Her mother was killed before her eyes. Yet, she remained kind. She was loyal and loving, but stubborn. She despised...

  • Leo's
    2.8M 94.6K 32

    "Who are you ?" His voice demanded his tiny fists clenched slightly. Stunned I began to stutter "I-I'm Payne t-he new g-girl" Scared of the boy in front of my I closed my eyes. Dread started to fill my body. Is he a bully ? My body began to shake in fear as thoughts of me being bullied filled A small hand touched...

  • The Cellar
    25.7M 527K 33

    For months Summer is trapped in a cellar with the man who took her - and three other girls: Rose, Poppy, and Violet. His perfect, pure flowers. His family. But flowers can't survive long cut off from the sun, and time is running out...

  • Hope(less)
    2.7M 86.8K 20

    Gabby's brain is like a human fish finder. It comes in handy when she wants to avoid people. Mostly men. They seem to like her a bit too much. It's lonely being different, but she's adapted to it. Really. She just wishes she knew why she is different, though. In her search for answers, she discovers a hidden community...

  • Vincenzo
    2.9M 93.5K 19

    Highest rank- #1 in werewolf WARNING: this book is discontinued (I'm writing this because I was told I was being unfair to people -not my problem- buuuuuut) yeah I'm not writing anymore. Although, I have been told that the first 14 chapters are very good ;) so. read if ya like. Don't complain. I don't do complaining...