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  • The Girl Who Would Be Sultan
    666 80 7

    Kallisto was never intended to be anything other than just another princess of Terzia. A commodity to be traded, property to eventually be given to some other Harem. The first daughter of the second wife in the Harem of the Sultan, she was never of any great importance. Intelligent, but seemingly shy and reserved, she...

  • Arch Frenemies
    83.8K 8.5K 81

    What is a hero supposed to do when her only healthy relationship is with her villian? For Galaxy Girl and Toxic, their entire lives mirrored in the grandiose rivalry of their fathers. Both playing their parts of arch enemies as the world expected of them; but what is unknown to the world is that behind the masks their...

  • A Thorn In The Ice
    82.5K 6.7K 55

    "I fully expected you to say that I was the sort of Prince whose story would involve going into cahoots with the dragon, rather than slaying it." Iolas smiled, but their was a level of seriousness to his statement. "That is where you are wrong, dear prince." Adelaide began, "In our story you are the dragon." ______...

  • After The Last Petal Fell
    10.1K 751 8

    A Gaston/Beauty And The Beast Continuation You know the tale as old as time; the story of the vain prince cursed to become a hideous beast. That story has been told, but what about the one of the man who tried to kill him? Gaston is saved just moments from death by the fabled Enchantress, if saving is what you could...

  • Bedding Camp
    5.2M 333K 117

    "Our women cannot be wooed." Warned the King. "They have not met my men." The Sovereign replied. In Rowland, a kingdom void of love, where even a kiss is unheard of, Illyria is the prim and proper niece of the King, and his unofficial body guard. This princess has never been sated with her position, and has done ev...