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  • Room To Grow (Frerard) (Completed)
    102K 6.8K 17

    Frank Iero hates children, with their high-pitched voices and tiny little hands. But of all of the children that irritate him, Ms. Way's kindergarten class is the worst. And of course, that's where Frank is stuck volunteering for the next two months.

  • Be My Baby
    20K 725 7

    sweetheart!gerard & daddyrich/frank // looooots of smut & fluff too :3 Age difference // daddy kink ofc // and more stuff :3

  • Petal
    123K 7.6K 23

    Frank iero: powerful, criminal mastermind, leader of one of the biggest drug/theft organizations worldwide. 26 years old. Deadly. Gerard Way: Incredibly shy florist owner, relatively well known Artist in his community. Diagnosed with anxiety and paranoia at age 16. 20 years old. As harmful as a petal. Power, corru...

  • Slim [Frerard]
    57.8K 4.2K 17

    ❝You're beautiful, you know?❞ xoG Frank knew he had gained weight. He didn't need his students nor fellow colleagues to give him shit about it though. ❝I hope you know, because you are.❞ xoG It wasn't something he could 'fix' with by snapping his fingers. And maybe...

  • No Homo, Bromeo (Frerard, Petekey, Ryden)
    33.7K 2K 2

    Frank is an emo piece of shit who needs to get a grip on life. Gerard is an edgy fuckboy with totally not infected stretched ears and an obsession with writing shit poetry, also all he listens to is Neck Deep and Front Porch Step because they understand his inner angst and how he really is, and all that One Direction...

  • The Belleville High Blog (Frerard)
    1.8K 181 6

    'Latest post - by anonymous user - posted 5 hours ago ' Gerard scrolled down the page to look at the latest entry. It would be a new person, new topic. 'Gerard Way' As his name glared at him from the screen, his heart dropped. An anonymous blog under the name Belleville High Blog is picking on students, it spreads ru...

  • Babysitting (Frerard)
    163K 6.9K 11

    Description: Frank goes to babysit Mikey one night. What he doesnt realise is that Mikey has a brother too. A hot older one at that... Frerard

  • Escalators {Frerard}[COMPLETED]
    219K 14.5K 27

    "You see Frank, the void and me... ...we're old friends."

    Completed   Mature
  • Follow me home (Frerard)
    844K 44.9K 59

    *Co-written with MyChemicalRachel* Frank is a student at university of south florida, living in a dorm all by himself. on a hot sleepless night, frank decides to go on twitter and pass the time going through his feed. he notices the account of a comic artist from new york and decides to find out more about this guy...

  • fuck yeah, ferard
    50.6K 1.5K 31

    Save yourself, don't read this garbage.

  • The Bully (Frerard)(Completed)
    1.3M 53.7K 52

    Frank Iero has been picked on everyday in and out of school since he first came in seventh grade. He gets called all the same insults that he did in Maine before he moved. 'Faggot' 'Retard' 'Sinner' it never changes, and neither does he. But.... What if his bully does? !!!!Trigger Warning!!!! Contains self harm and s...

  • May These Noises Startle You In Your Sleep Tonight (Frerard) [HIATUS]
    38K 2.1K 42

    My name is Gerard Way. Most people just refer to me as 'The Pianist'. May these noises startle you in your sleep tonight.

  • Come On Angel, Don't You Cry
    54.7K 2.4K 22

    Frank Iero, a 16 year-old high school student, lives next door to Gerard Way, a 21 year-old high school drop out. Gerard never interacts with the people around the neighborhood. Frank one day catches a glimpse of his elusive new neighbor and falls immediately. After breaking into Gerard's house, Frank makes a drastic...

  • I Lied When I Said I Was Okay (frerard)
    243K 11.3K 23

    “I’m… I-I I’m sorry…” that’s the only thing I manage to choke out. Nobody ever caught me self harming. “You’re always so fucking sorry Gee. Save it, it doesn’t change anything.” He says and his hand wraps around my arm again. “Can I? Please?” he asks, puppy eying me again. This time, I don’t resist. I let him pull my...