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  • Mailboy: One Shot Competition
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    one shot for Mailboy by @foreversmilin. • • • "everything will be okay in the end. if it's not okay, it's not the end." maybe, my story is just a little different. [edited June 14]

  • Mailboy - One Shot
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    One shot for the competition by @foreversmilin for her amazingly written book: Mailboy

  • Heart Beats (Oneshots)
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    Oneshot's For Competition, or just for fun! A Thanx, And Deciation To @elenourth For The Jaw-Dropping, Amazing Cover :)

  • Crossing Bridges
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    | inspired by Mailboy, one shot winner | Diana takes home a cat. Her mother tells her to get eggs; she gets it. She volunteers at a hospital. She drinks bud light and gets drunk. She smiles at old people. Joel kicks pebbles. His mother gets home late; cupboards get empty. He boxes. He hates alcohol. He frowns at old p...

  • Behind the Smirk
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    Hi.. This is my Mailboy One Shot its based on the story originally by: foreversmilin or Yas :)) ^ double chin swag PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEE comment what you thin...

  • Mailboy [ one shot ]
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    "In which Nico and Zoey are stranded on a boat during the rain." © foreversmilin - Mailboy [ wattpad book ]

  • Mailboy One-Shot Contest.
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    Diana and Joel. I must warn all who dare reads fanfic. I am not a real writer. Honesty I am just a little romantic. So my apologize for butchering everything in advance.

  • Mailboy ~ One Shot
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    Nico/Zoey "Finally! You've been in there for ages," I said sarcastically. "Oh shut up! You were the one who caused me all these troubles," Zoey retorted. "I couldn't help it so stop putting the blame on me." Characters by @foreversmilin

  • Mailboy One Shot
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    This is for the one shot competition (: Go check out Yasmin's stories!!!!! (:

  • Denouement | Mailboy oneshot - second place
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    "Zoey, let us start over. From the beginning. We can try to find a positive denouement within our relationship." "But the thing is, Nico, I don't know if I can forgive you." •✖• In which Nico tries persuade Zoey to give him a second chance and find a denouement within their relationship after a painful predicament tha...

  • Mailboy (one shot)
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    I do not own these story or it's characters, it belongs to @foreversmilin. Thank you for this amazing story.

  • Mailboy- one shot competition
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    Dedicated to foreversmilin

  • Starry Night - Mailboy One Shot Commpetition
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    This is a Mailboy One Shot

  • Love Letters ~ MailBoy [One Shot]
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    One Shot for amazing wattpad story ; MailBoy

  • My Love Hate Relationship (Mailboy One-Shot)
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    What's in it for a love-hate relationship? Also when did this happen? Ugh! Life is so frustrating. The worst part is it started already and I want it to happen!!!

  • Mailboy-The Explanation ( Completed )
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    So, Beth cheated on Nico if I recall correctly. Do you want to know why though? The real story? ONE SHOT By: Me. ( Erica ) Beth & Nico ( Team Zico though )

  • Mailboy- One Shot
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    A one shot for the amazing story Mailboy by foreversmilin on here :) Hope you like!

  • mailboy // one shot
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    Love is cheesy. You're distracted by it, but distracted without it. It's your armor, but also your weakness. It's the one thing that can rip us apart without being physically damaged.