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  • masterpiece ✧ hemmings (on hold)
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    ❝Your paintings are amazing, but Luke, you're the best kind of art there is.❞ There are three facts about Luke: one, Luke can't speak. It's been that way since he got involved in a car accident thirteen years ago. Two, he has the biggest crush on the most popular girl in school. And three, he can't verbally describe h...

  • badlands • luke hemmings
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    this isn't a movie, these are the badlands.

  • neighbors
    213K 12.3K 13

    "Locked out again, dork?"

  • ghost || lrh
    44.1K 2.7K 23

    ❝ why don't you go check your closet? ❞

  • anxiety disorder
    159K 10.3K 14

    he was a mystery; an enigma, one that i couldn't figure out. / #wattys2015

  • YOUTH || LRH [on hold]
    5.7K 501 12

    "what if?" -', ☆°☆ ,'- the one where two boys run away © copyright; meeks, 2015

  • i hate you | l.h
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    two people that hate each other are brought together by the universe to love each other. © spharkling 2014/2015 lower caps intended.