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  • reality → k.lawley
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    reality rɪˈalɪti/ noun 1. the state of things as they actually exist 2. a concept Eden could never entirely grasp until she ran into the likes of Kian Lawley

  • The Third Sugg (Zoella/Danisnotonfire) Book 1:The Third Sugg Trilogy *COMPLETED*
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    Book 1: The Third Sugg Trilogy *COMPLETED* You might already know my sister if you even internet, Zoella. You might also be familiar with my twin, ThatcherJoe. They are both crazy internet famous while I prefer to work behind the camera, that's probably why you've never heard of me...Alice Sugg, I run a blog and rule...

  • Forever. // Matt Espinosa
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    "When he said forever, I thought that's exactly what me meant. He didn't tell me that forever had an expiration date." [ Book idea from @nashtyreynolds ]

  • Alice Sugg (Zoella/Danisnotonfire) Book 3: TTS Trilogy *COMPLETED* #wattys2016
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    Final book: The Third Sugg Trilogy *COMPLETED* Alice Sugg has been through thick and thin with her YouTube career skyrocketing. She thought LA would be a nice vacation but now she thinks about moving there permanently. But what about Dan in London? Can Alice's family and YouTube friends help her make difficult life de...

  • Independence (Zoella/Danisnotonfire) Book 2: TTS Trilogy *COMPLETED*
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    Book 2: The Third Sugg Trilogy *COMPLETED* 3 months since the events of The Third Sugg and Alice 'TumblrGirl' Sugg has a loyal YouTube fan base and a handsome YouTube boyfriend, but after a slip up by Phil Lester, the world of YouTube knows that there's a third Sugg... Alice thinks her life was hectic 3 months ago but...

  • With You // J.G
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    Gabrielle has always had a harsh life. Abusive parents. Bullied. Depressed. Suicidal. Everything. When she's at her lowest point, God sends her a savior, Jack Gilinsky. Although, she doesn't know it yet. She's always known who he was. She just wan't very fond of him. I mean, he has a perfect life, money, family, every...