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  • Ireale's Crown
    36.2K 1.6K 23

    (Ireale Series #1) In the country of Hierra, and a good distance away from Narla, a small village of Magicians and non-Magicians, there lives a girl. To Ryma, everyday is like a whole new cycle. One fateful night, a white dragon comes falling from the sky. And when she decides to take a look, something entirely imposs...

  • Zentophia: The Legend Of Three Wizards - Book 1
    28.7K 2.5K 32

    © Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved Read Jasmine, Stephen and Rex's adventures against some of Zentophia's creatures and trying to survive against some of them... In the meantime, they are also going to train and try to become powerful wizards and learn new things along the way.