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  • 6 Man ✫ H.S.
    1.5M 69.4K 74

    ∙COMPLETED ∙ ❝Sometimes the person you'd take a bullet for, ends up being the one behind the gun.❞ A supernatural Harry fanfic where he is the witch hunter, and she is the witch. [Mature content: read at your own risk] Winner of: |Harry Styles A.U. (1st Place) + Overall Winner (2nd Place): The Kiwi Styles Awards 201...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lone [MATURE HS]
    4.1M 129K 49

    Harry doesn't believe in coincidences. Neither should she.

    Completed   Mature
  • If I could fly {h.s} -
    2.1M 47K 37

    When Lola gets pursued by the security guards of the building where her crime was supposedly going to take place, she finally found safety. However, the door in which she stumbled through happened to belong to one of the richest men in New York, Harry Styles. In return for hiding her from the Police, the Billionaire c...

  • Yellow.
    3M 138K 94

    Harry is a single autistic father, ready to prove his love for his little daughter and willing to break the ableist stereotypes placed on him. This is a heartwarming story, following Harry's growth while making friends and finding love through a common love for comics and milkshakes. Book 1 - Coloured Series.

  • camouflage [h.s]
    24.3M 678K 56

    She's always been the shy girl that no one notices, but once she catches Harry's attention will things ever be the same again?

  • P.S. I Hate You (Harry Styles)
    117M 1.6M 77

    "Harry. Come over tonight?" "I can't.. I was sleeping." He said, slightly annoyed that I called him up at like 3 in the morning. "Please." I rolled my eyes. I waited for a response, as I could hear shuffling at the other end of a line. "Do you want to have sex tonight?" I smiled, biting my lip. "Pleasure to." He...

  • DEAR HARRY, | H.S.
    5.1M 132K 64

    What happens when you email Harry Styles for relationship advice...and he responds? Highest Ranking- #9 in Fanfiction

  • SCARS - Michael Clifford's Secret Sister
    174K 4.2K 40

    Brooklyn is a broken girl that has a brother called Michael, she suffers from depression, anxiety and panic attacks. She is a very delicate girl and needs help but will she meet a very special person to get the help she needs?

    Completed   Mature
  • fanboy ↦ michael clifford {au}
    1.6M 82.2K 44

    COMPLETED | "But it tears me up inside because she doesn't even know I exist."

  • Ugly : clifford a.u
    828K 56.1K 47

    "Don't sit next to me." "Why not?" "I'm ugly." "Nice to meet you ugly, I'm blind."

  • Hotel ▹ Michael Clifford
    339K 19.3K 24

    "Once you check in, you never check out."

  • sex addicts [michael clifford]
    10.2M 237K 46

    they met at therapy; therapy for sex addicts. (cover by elle)

  • Sweetheart (punk michael clifford au)
    634K 19K 43

    He was infatuated in one thing: her. Everything he desired was her. He was the most feared gang leader in the world; not a drop of good existed in his soul. She was a pure, sweet, innocent girl. Being the most feared gang leader, he got everything he wanted; and he wanted her.

  • DONT STOP | Michael Clifford
    2.7M 80.2K 56

    Michael Clifford is misjudged for being a classic stereotypical teenager. A bad boy who doesn't care about education, or the people around him. But when Stella comes face to face with who she judged before she met, everything is about to change.

  • School Bus [m. clifford]
    575K 20.1K 93

    she sits with him on the school bus, yet they never talk to each other.

  • Fangirl [m.c]
    746K 30.2K 35

    They said I was just a fangirl. That my "love" for this band, and in particularly, Michael Clifford, was all a phase in my life. Some stupid "crush" I'll get over within a few months. Well, it's been more than a year, so why can't I stop loving him to death? Because trust me, I tried...

  • Internet Friends || Michael Clifford ✓
    2.3M 72.2K 46

    ~12:03 am~ To: "sex god" Mikey i wish we could meet. ~12:07 am~ From: "sex god" Mikey one day, we will. Sequel: Connected

  • walls ✰ m.c.
    5.1M 141K 42

    Two stubborn teenagers meet unexpectedly. Both grief stricken and guarded, Maddie soon becomes Michael's lighthouse. Copyright © fluffycashton 2018. All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author except...

  • Psychotic (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)
    73.5M 1.2M 54

    "I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons." - Christopher Poindexter

    Completed   Mature
  • The Darker Side
    6.6K 310 26

    Preview: It's 1959 in Montgomery, Alabama and 16 year old high school sophomore Layla Addison Hayes didnt have it easy. Having transferred to a new school and being the only African American to ever attend Roosevelt High, she is going to have rough days. Her life will forever change when a certain green eyed curly hea...

  • YouTube ➸ Larry Stylinson
    4M 134K 63

    where two famous youtubers deal with stolen cars, crazy girlfriends and their crazy fathers, movies, tea parties, traveling, and quite possibly, falling in love.

  • Adopted By Elounor
    5.1M 111K 34

    {book 1 of the Adopted By Elounor series} Alex had no idea that when she entered a contest to spend a day with Louis Tomlinson and his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, that she would actually win. But when Louis catches Alex's stepdad, Chad, in the act of abusing the young girl, he knows he can't leave her... So him and...

  • Closer
    3.2M 53.4K 97

  • It's Too Cold Outside For Angels To Fly ● A 1D Fanfiction - Mostly Harry Fanfic
    546K 5.5K 41

    When you’re in love you would do anything for that one person even if it is crazy, you would give up everything for them if it made them happy and that’s exactly what Emma Tomlinson does; she gives up here whole life, her family, her friends, her home just to keep Harry Styles' biggest secret; his daughter. But there...

  • Remember to Forget
    17.1M 335K 35

    "Why do you like the rain so much?" "It reminds me that I'm still alive." (Luke Hemmings Fanfiction) Copyright to Ashley Royer. All things written by Ashley Royer unless otherwise stated. Not affiliated with 5 Seconds of Summer or any other characters mentioned. THIS IS NOT THE FULL BOOK. The full book is publis...

  • Deranged
    14M 374K 56

    A mysterious tunnel stands in Carter's town. Ever since a little girl, she was told to always stay away from the tunnel. Danger lurks inside of it, and that scared Carter. No one was ever able to see the very end of the tunnel; even daylight couldn't shine through it. Now, 19 years old with such curiosity, Carters fri...

  • Tears of an Angel (One Direction/Harry Styles Fanfiction)
    339K 6.4K 19

    When I was a little kid I met this girl. She was strange in every sense of the word. But for some reason, I liked that. We were friends for a long time, this girl and I. Until one day she left. She never told me why she had to go, just that it was important. One of the last things that she ever said to me, was that on...

  • Heartbeat
    34M 487K 84

    Was it her beauty that reeled me in? The mysterious, deep, color her eyes contained? Or her addictive smile, smell, or even her personality? It was none of these things. The reason she's too afraid and too sad to even talk is what made her even more mysterious and captivating to me. Not talking for six years as a side...