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  • The Resilience
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    Resilience: noun The capacity to recover quickly from difficulty and toughness. Should one mistake really define who you are? Sometimes life hits you in more than one way and the expectations of others can be degrading. Often it's the pride of an excelled reputation that clouds the ones you love and their judgement...

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    As if in slow motion he snakes his arms around a very tall stunning girl who looks like a goddess herself. Then all of a sudden he smashed his lips against hers... My chest tightens as I can feel my heart drop and break into pieces down by my feet. There it is my fear completely unfolding in front of my eyes. (the des...

  • His Girl
    11.5K 560 32

    Lothelor is a place of knights, kings, ladies and magic. Tania Conor turns up at the Castle of King Audric with a mysterious past. After receiving a job at the castle her job as a servant suddenly changes into something much more. She soon finds herself stuck in an intricate plan to save the kingdom which she has grow...

  • Forcefully Yours [Major Editing]
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    'She was the one who brought colour into life, all the hues of bright luminescent colours that only he could see.' ----------- [Book 1 of The Wedding Series] She thought it was the end. Not only was her fortune so twisted, but she believed that it couldn't get worse. When she has to marry Hudaifa, she thought every...

    Completed   Mature
  • Trust Me (An Islamic Love Story)
    987K 86K 81

    She wasn't alive; she was just breathing. Desperation. Pain. Darkness. Nightmares. Shadows. Fear. These words defined Abeer Irfan's life. Every night, fear engulfed her and she drowned into the endless horrors of her past. Every night, she lost a part of her to the evil. Every night, it just got...

  • Love and Hurt ♥ (A New Story)
    34.1K 1.4K 30

    **(Warning bring some tissues because this story is an emotional rollercoaster)** I want to ask you, how important is 'Love' to you? Because love is a strange and powerful thing. We take it for granted when people Love us, and we deteriorate without Love. This is a heart-warming story of a Russian revert; Anna Mello...

  • Rant on Muslim Stories
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    Just a rant. Don't want to insult someone. It's just a rant. Since, I feel "strongly" about every topic that I will write about, so I will blabber a lot.

  • A Muslim's Romantic Journey
    16.8M 335K 82

    As a Muslim girl, marriage is one of Safia's biggest dreams. All her life she kept herself pure for her faith and her future husband. Although having never had experienced love, and occasionally doubting whether she will, Safia feels herself growing impatient being single. She then sends her family to search for 'the...

  • just because i am wearing hijab
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    this poem is about a girl that used to be out of cloth she never wore hijab but now she understands becouse she is old enough enjoy plzz no bad comments thankx