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  • Strange Benefits (James Potter)
    1.8M 54.8K 42

    In which Milla Rosamund finds herself stuck in quite a compromising position beneath James Potter. - WARNING: This story will contain mature themes, scenes, and language such as profanity, drugs and/or alcohol, and sexual content. #SBRoadTo500k Rankings: #1 in Marauders Fanfiction as of May 12, 2018 #1 in Remus Lupin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Our secret (Draco & Hermione fanfiction)
    114K 1.8K 13

    What happens when Hermione and Draco hooked up in 3rd year and her past that she so desperately tried to ignore comes back to haunt her from a game of truth or dare!?! [WARNING] this book is very cliche but still read it lmao. Also what was I thinking with the spelling?

  • Our Love At Hogwarts - Ron Weasley
    353K 9.4K 12

    hello i am once again asking for you all to simp for Ronald Weasley . Your summer vacation with your best friend, now boyfriend, at the Burrow resulted in something you never would've expected- love. Now you are entering your last year of Hogwarts with Ron by your side. Your past summer had been better than your wilde...

  • Don't Look Back
    445K 13.2K 23

    It's the smell of it. Chemical. Bitter and sharp as a raw edge on metal. Just a hint of it as she passes him at breakfast - but enough to stop her dead, mid-step. There is Wolfsbane in his tea.

  • Breath Mints / Battle Scars
    4.3M 111K 51

    For a moment, she's almost giddy. Because Draco Malfoy's been ruined by this war and he's as out of place as she is and - yes, he has scars too. He's got an even bigger one. She wonders whether one day they'll compare sizes. Cover art by Gilded Shivers (@gildedshivers on Tumblr)

    Completed   Mature
  • Christmas In Australia (Lily Evans/James Potter)
    431K 13K 66

    When Lily Evans thinks of her Christmas break in Australia she imagines having a normal vacation with family, beaches and lots of fun. She gets quite shocked to find that not only her old enemy, James Potter and his trouble making friends just 'happen' to be on the same flight as her, heading for the exact same town...

  • Sex Lessons From Draco Malfoy (Dramione)
    8M 159K 68

    "Malfoy?" I repeated. "Kiss me." He said, suddenly. "Might as well start now." He looked at me expectantly, so full of desire, that I couldn't breathe for a moment. The emotion in Draco's eyes was something far different from the need I had grown used to seeing in Ron's eyes. Draco was looking at me like I was the onl...

    Completed   Mature
  • ✔ SLAPSHOT ✖ irwin au
    364K 13.3K 62

    ❝Be honest. Be brave. And fuck shit up.❞ In the wake of her twin brother's murder, Karris Villanueva transfers schools. Out of the stressful academia of Brampcrest Academy and into the laid back public halls of Willowridge High, Karris hopes to finish her last year of high school as smoothly as possible. That is, unt...

  • get pucked - l.h.
    332K 11.3K 56

    "Anyone that underestimates her," He smirked at the new kid. "Well... We call them pucked." ------------------------- Just a girl that loves to play hockey and a stubborn boy that doesn't believe her... at first. #99 in fanfiction 6/17/16

  • She's The Man [5SOS]
    24.6M 745K 58

    "Julie, truth or dare?" That was the question that started it all, really. I was dared to dress, act, and nearly BE a boy for a month, me getting cash out of it if I succeed. But will I fail because of these four boys?.. COPYRIGHTED © BRITISHBUMS

  • Roommates || Calum Hood
    20.6M 544K 69

    "Hopefully being roommates will settle your arguments."

  • Summer At The Burrow - Ron Weasley
    1.5M 35.6K 17

    who doesn't love a good ol' slow burn & pining fan fic? . After your 6th year at Hogwarts, the Weasley family invites you to spend the summer at their house. A long-harbored crush on your best friend Ron proves to make your summer at The Burrow very interesting... . p.s: in no way does this fic follow the storyline of...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Stepbrother // Luke Hemmings
    14.8M 428K 53

    When sixteen-year-old, Anastasia 'Annie' Evans, finds out that her mother's newly-engagement comes with having a stepbrother, she starts to develop a certain attachment to him; not knowing that she's about to embark on a euphoric adventure full of lust, lies, and secrets. [highest ranking : #1 in Fanfiction]

  • The Hoax (Dramione Story)
    7M 232K 36

    Hermione Granger wants revenge on Ron. The perfect person for her plan is Draco Malfoy. All she has to do is make him fall for her, easy as cake, right? But is it that easy to win Draco Malfoy's heart? All Draco Malfoy wants is for Pansy Parkinson to leave him alone. The only girl who'd make that happen is none other...

  • Girls // 5SOS
    13.7M 415K 76

    ▪ "Have you guys ever considered competition with other bands in the music industry?" The interviewer asks the boys. "We aren't really into any competition actually, we just like to have fun most of the time and we just like to do our thing." Ashton shrugged, but it was an obvious lie to the four lads. ▪ There was one...

    496K 14.3K 42

    ❛ you said you'd always be my white blood ❜ t. maze runner/ newt book 1

  • I Spy ✘ L.H
    49.3K 2.6K 21

    in which a mission to fuck luke over goes horribly wrong