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  • Dark Haven Academy
    1.6M 16K 6

    It is publicly acknowledged that no girl in New Britain is as disciplined, heuristically accomplished or politically adept as an Academy girl. The institution's long held reputation for producing the most intelligent, devastatingly beautiful women with personalities as beguiling as their charm and wits sparked public...

  • Jericho
    441K 15.8K 9

    Nineteen-year-old Rebecca Lawson is stuck in Point Lautner, a small logging town in northern Canada. She was born here, and she'll die here. Rebecca's on the edge of giving up her dreams of leaving when she rescues a strange, beautiful boy from a frozen lake.

  • The Wolf Baby
    26.6M 164K 21

    **READ THE FULL SUMMARY OF THE BOOK BEFORE YOU START READING** Nina Michaels was only a few months away from graduating University when she found out she's pregnant due to a one night stand. Trying to do what's best for her baby she contacts the man who impregnated her and decides to tell him about the baby. Nina is r...

  • Blood Moon Mate
    235K 6.9K 16

    It's said that every thirteen years the beast that plagued the land come out seeking for a mate, during the blood moon. At this time girls from neighboring villages gather together and walk into the Blood Forest at night fall, till daybreak. If you are lucky you won't be found, but if the beast does find you, you're e...

  • A Little Bit Of Red
    75.2K 3.4K 11

    Schuyler believes that she knows the world she is in, and she believes she is in control but when she learns the truth, she is far from in control. With blonde hair, blue eyes and a smile so pure that one would believe she could do no wrong, innocence dripped from her skin and that was the way that Schuyler preferred...

  • Imagining Frost
    2.1M 69.8K 18

    "Imagine If the sky was shades of purple instead of blue. Imagine If the trees were so tall that they disappeared through the clouds, twisting into the heavens. Imagine If creatures other than birds flew through the skies." Imagine if your best friend in the entire world, wasn't really there at all. Heather is two wee...

  • Lady and the Wolf [Book One, Lady and the Wolf Series] -Published-
    5.3M 194K 54

    "Fate is tricky and her time is limited. She can love without reason, and forgive without thought - that is her curse and her gift. Be that as it may, the wolf will remain by Red Riding Hood's side for all eternity, for she is a lady, and he, a monster." - Aleksandra Volkov. Van Volkov was born with a curse, a demon t...

  • Hit Me, Cupid! (Now on Dreame)
    4.5M 112K 41

    Cupid and Psyche. It's the oldest tale in the world. But what happens when Cupid falls victim to his own arrow for the second time around? And this time, it's with a mortal girl, Cytherea Hastings.

  • The Beast Inside (Unedited Version)
    1.9M 47.5K 35

    Cherryl Carter is a normal, shy ,reserved girl. Like most of the girls out there She's a nobody and she loves it. She has just got two friends that's far more than she has ever asked for. The way her life is, no partying.. no boys and no action, most of the people will find it boring but not her. She's happy with the...

  • Meeting Mr. Vampire
    1.6M 41.1K 35

    ~~~UNDER CONSTRUCTION~~~IM GOING TO BE EDITING SO IT WILL BE A BIT HARD TO READ UNTIL I GET ALL THE REVISED CHAPTERS UP. THANKS~~~ Except the daily teasing from her fellow classmates, Sandy had her dull life clear in her view. Until her life toppled over and morphed into a guessing game filled with fear, adrenaline, a...

  • Death Is My Soul Mate (Book 5) *ON HOLD*
    2.6M 96.3K 11

    Please understand that due to Death Is My BFF getting published, the original series is on hold!

  • To Love a Monster
    6.7M 179K 30

    "You're a monster," I spat out. He turned around, his green eyes glaring daggers at me. If looks could kill then I'm sure I would have been dead by now. "Well you're a fucking bitch and you can't deny it. You know why, because you're in love with a monster." *.*. Daniel Collins was a monster and everyone knew that. M...

  • Insufferable
    10.1M 226K 31

    I stepped towards him, the Mate that was to be mine for all eternity. But before I could leap into his arms, he put his hands up, as if to tell me not to do what was an instinct. I held myself back, it confused me that he wasn't standing in front of me with open arms, and he was closed off. Before I could truly grasp...

  • The Slave of a Vampire (PLZ Wait to read changing to 3rd person +editing :))
    584K 9.3K 33

    Claire's life had been lonely, but at least she was alive and safe from the most demonic person out there, the Vampire King Damien. Well the place where Claire lives is one where human slavery exists so ever since she was born her parents kept her hidden away in her house to hide her from him. Unfortunately Claire's l...

  • ~•.:Sacrificed To A Sex God:.•~
    765K 21.8K 15

    ---But you see, the villagers couldn't find a special sacrifice to please the God Alexander, so they suffered all of hell's wrath, and even worse, Alexander's. The villagers continued to make sacrifices to the God Alexander, including the exotic beautiful animals, delicious fruits, and even their finest clothes and p...

  • My demon Lover
    118K 2.3K 5

    If life didnt change enough for heather, now she is on a rollercoaster of emotions. Not only will her world be rocked again, she has to figure out if evil is capable of loving. Is she capable of loving evil or is there a type of evil that is grabbing her attention now other than Jake? book 2 of loving me deadly

  • Tanited Love (Vampire/Human love story)
    5.4K 33 6

    Skyler lies daily, to her family, her friends, and the ones she loves the most. Her life is complicated and it just gets worse when she finds out her "boyfriend" is well.. carrying some baggage. When she meets Natasha and Caleb while trying to fight off a vampire she doesn't know what to do. She's suppose to kill them...