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  • FanBoy ♡ larry Stylinson
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    ON HOLD TILL END OF MARCH'19 SORRY :/ Larry Au. Where Harry Styles a young pop star falls in love with a fan, Louis Tomlinson. Who indeed has a famous fan acc. ♡♡. ✧* ೃ༄ Late as fuck updates 😕

  • Social Media || Larry Stylinson
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    @harrystyles started following you ! Or where Louis Tomlinson is a YouTuber with 6 million subscribers and has a crush on Harry styles. Louis wishes that Harry would follow him on Instagram,Twitter or any social media platform. One day he gets his wish

  • 𝐈. 𝘠𝘰𝘶'𝘳𝘦 𝘩𝘪𝘳𝘦𝘥 👑 Larry Stylinson Social Media AU | ✔️
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    Harry Styles is a famous singer and Louis Tomlinson is a graduating engineering student. {[PART 1 of You're Hired series. PART 2 is already completed too, you can check it on my account]} * Currently in the process of editing. Highest ranking: #30 niall, #27 zayn !!!!!!!!! im seeing a lot of comments here about wh...

    Completed   Mature
  • Twitter // L.S
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    Louis Tomlinson is a fanboy who's madly inlove with the band one direction, but not nearly as much as he's inlove with Harry Styles.

  • 𝐇𝐄𝐀𝐃𝐋𝐈𝐍𝐄𝐒 ⟶ 𝐥𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐲 𝐬𝐭𝐲𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐧.
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    ❛ your image is distorted. ❜ A series of news articles and social media posts depicting the career of the famous singer 'Haz Styles', and his relationships with those around him, including the mysterious Louis Tomlinson. ❨ harry styles x louis tomlinson. ❩

  • instagram // h.s + l.t (larry)
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    issalou: it's so funny how louis used to be harry's biggest fan and now they're dating harrystyles: @issalou what do you mean "used to be"?? he still is!! started: april 4, 2019 completed: july 17, 2020

  • instagram ➳ larry stylinson
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    i have loved you since we were eighteen... sixteen! ✧・゚

  • Instagram (larry stylinson)
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    Harry is in One Direction Louis is an instagram model

  • Instagram - L.S ✔
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    In which Louis starts as a fanboy, and Harry is a famous popstar {It's quite bad at the beginning, but it starts getting better around chapter 6, so it shouldn't be an issue.} _________________________________________ *TRIGGER WARNING* Selfharm, depression, suicide, death

  • Instagram Love Story ~ Larry Stylinson
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    Harry Styles is a famous twenty-four year old pop artist with many fans around the world. Louis Tomlinson is a popular twenty-one year old uni football student. Both are popular but in very different ways. What happens when Louis' friends drag Louis to a Harry Styles concert which ends up bringing Louis to Harry's...

  • YouTube ➸ Larry Stylinson
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    where two famous youtubers deal with stolen cars, crazy girlfriends and their crazy fathers, movies, tea parties, traveling, and quite possibly, falling in love.

  • Frame of Hearts - l.s.
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    The abandoned tree house was something to poke Louis' curiosity. His secret is kept, until he finds someone else trespassing in /his/ tree house. © 2014, [larryuniverse]

    Completed   Mature
  • Alone Together
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    "he says he cannot see the weight i feel myself carry but i am an unstable giant in a small boy's body, i expand through my skin like my bones are a prison, i feel dark hands pushing against my ribs, i can hear something screaming if i just listen late nights, late nights, where the giant in me sinks her teeth deeply...

  • ice cream
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    in which harry works in an ice cream parlour and louis is a regular customer who is so much into harry.

    Completed   Mature
  • Surprises Happen (Larry Stylinson Mpreg) ON HOLD
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    Harry and Louis started off the best of friends, then to what I guess you could say friends with 'benefits'. Until, Louis finds out he has a rare condition and he's pregnant. He's terrified to admit it to Harry, but Harry knows somethings is up. Their relationship will be tested, romance or not.

  • The flower crown. (AU. Punk!Louis-FlowerChild!Harry)
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    Harry was gentle, an angel for everyone who knew him. Harry was tall, really tall. He had an slender body, but not in a unhealthy way; he was well built, his long torso connected with his kilometric and, just in the perfect amount, muscled legs. His hands were big but always gentle, his skin white as porcelain always...

  • You Found Me (Larry Stylinson)
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    Louis Tomlinson was going for a quick walk after a fight with his girlfriend Eleanor Calder, that was when he saw him. The beautiful boy playing the quitar and singing along. His jacket was about two sizes to small and there were holes in his clothes, yet he was smiling as he sang. It was then he noticed the guitar ca...

  • Maybe ( larry stylinson ) -part 3 of the IKYWT series-
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    * part 3 of the I Knew You Were Trouble series * *** If you haven't read I Knew You Were Trouble and the sequel, Life After You, go read them before you read this c: *** "So just come back, we'll make it better. So just come back, I'll make it better than it ever was." Louis' gone God knows where and Harry's left to p...

  • Homicidal || Larry Stylinson
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    Harry was put in West Rock for the murder of his boyfriend, Dustin. Four years later, he's released, trying to live a normal life and escape his reputation. Then there's Louis, the curious new boy who needs to find out if Harry's a killer for himself. As Louis keeps up the chase, Harry grows more and more frustrated...

  • When Harry Met Louis
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    Harry and Louis are two average lads with one incredible dream. When they are brought together by what seems to be a decision of fate, it appears that all of their wildest hopes have turned into reality, and before they know it, they're living their dream together along wih three other boys. Harry and Louis instantly...

  • Suicide (Larry Stylinson) (BoyXBoy)
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    Is Harry hiding a secret...behind that tough outer shell that makes louis life a living hell...does Harry know when to stop...or will it be too late?

  • Mistaken Love. { Larry Fanfiction }
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    Louis; The "geek" of his school, gets great grades, isn't popular, is bullied, self harms, is gay, and is super shy. But its him he hates, no his personality but his appearance. He finds himself fat and ugly, which to everyone else he was, but he just wants someone to prove that he's somewhat attractive. Harry; Mr.Po...

  • The Paper Airplane {Larry Mpreg} BEING EDITED
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    The Paper Airplane necklace changes peoples' lives. It changes them from nobodies to somebodies. It gives them a dangerous life encompassed by dangerous people. If you get a Paper Airplane necklace, kiss your old life goodbye. What will happen when Louis receives one of those very necklaces from the infamous Harry St...

    Completed   Mature
  • i sleep naked ➸ larry stylinson
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    "you're so small." as if to prove his point, louis squeezed harry tightly in his arms, and harry just scrunched up a little bit, snuggling his head impossibly farther into louis' chest. "my pretty paper doll." and when louis squeezed him again, placing a shaky, yet warm kiss on harry's cold forehead, harry felt his he...

  • painless ➸ larry
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    ❝I bet I can make you feel pain.❞ ❝I'd like to see you try.❞

  • The Tutor // l.s.
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    [Completed] Louis Tomlinson needs a biology tutor. But will his biology tutor just teach Louis about biology? Or will they also teach Louis how to love?

  • Suicide Attempt • Larry Stylinson
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    Louis Tomlinson hates his life and he's going to end it on Friday. He will also live stream himself taking his own life to his bully, Harry Styles, the schools most popular guy, because believe it or not; Louis is in love with Harry and he will admit it in the suicide video. Copyright © 2014 LARRYICE. All righ...

  • The king's groom (larry stylinson)
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    When Harry a young peasant boy is forced to marry King Louis a man who has so many horrible rumors of his cruelty he is forced to live in the King's palace. During his time in his palace, Harry notices something very strange about the palace and everyone inside it. Suddenly the palace because a place of danger and...

  • Photographer (Larry) -DISCONTINUED-
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    Harry Styles is a famous model. He has been awarded with the 'Hottest Male Model' award and everyone swoons over him, male and females. It's every photographers dream to have that one chance to be in a photo shoot with the handsome bloke. Harry is so highly requested though that most of them will never get that one ch...