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  • im here, always | hyunlix
    1.6K 95 8

    hyunjin did not think this would be his life, not in a million years, but he didn't really mind & neither did felix

  • Fluffy SKZ Oneshots EP.2🧸
    120K 2.9K 40

    Cute Stray Kids sickfics and littlespace oneshots Requests closed #3 - sickfic (21.10.2022)

  • Fluffy SKZ oneshots🧸
    1.2M 21.6K 200

    Cute Stray Kids sickfics and littlespace oneshots Requests closed Completed, please check out EP. 2 #1 - agere (07.10.21) #1 - sickfic (04.10.22) #10 - comfort (13.05.21) #4 - chanin (31.10.21) #31 - jeongchan (29.08.2021) #21 - headspace (02.09.2021) #66 - skz (02.09.2021)

  • Lonely Kitten
    161K 9.5K 71

    Minho is a lonely cat hybrid, who has lost everything or well, except for his blanket, trying to survive in the streets. Jisung is a rapper with the stage name J.One as part of the rap trio 3racha. He had never really seen himself as a cat person and never even considered having a pet. When Jisung comes across an inju...

  • 🍼𝘭𝘪𝘵𝘵𝘭𝘦 𝘬𝘢𝘪🧸
    333 16 5

    hi! I'm Kai <3 (I often call myself kaikai but it's a name only for my cg) this book is about little me. it includes me fooling around in headspace, my drawings and a loooot of photos. i hope you'll have fun reading this ^-^ ! this book is completely sfw !

  • ILYNTB || Jeonglix
    195K 10.3K 36

    [Also Called : I Love You/No Take Backs] "I love you, kitten" "No take backs!" »»----- ✼ -----«« Chan is leaving the group for a few weeks for a meeting. The only problem with this plan is that Felix will be left unsupervised. Who knows what will happen when Felix is left alone for too long. He needs to tell someone e...

  • sippy cup; seungjin
    64.2K 3.2K 27

    A little space au in which Hyunjin catches Seungmin with a questionable item in his backpack. He's curious as to why. discontinued.