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  • Elizabeth olsen/character Imagines oneshots
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    This story will contain: Fluff 🤗 Shouting 🤬 Or any ideas u give me It might be mainly g!p or not but yeah enjoy and yn might be mix or black so ya

  • Marvel Woman One shot book
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    I write for Natasha,Wanda, Yelena, Kate, Emily D, Blake lively Carol Danvers, Alex Danvers, Kara Danvers and Lena Luther. Scarlett, Lizzie, Florence,Angelina J,Hailee and also any of their characters, kinda Agatha as well Marvel women and actresses !!!! WHAT I'M COMFORTABLE WRITING ✍ Angst, fluff, poly relationships...

  • female celebrity comfort stories
    2.2K 77 10

    one shots of female celebrities/characters + non-binary/female reader. requests open:) no smut. literally just for all the little ones with mommy issues out there looking for some comfort. all of these stories are originally by me enjoy :)

  • Natasha Romanoff and Scarlett Johansson x female reader
    4.4K 116 17

    Will mostly be Natasha and Scarlett, but i will do other characters if requested. I am also a simp lol Cover is from canva Note: if you are reading this on then please go back to to finish reading it. Teenfic steals our stories so that people like you can read them there, givi...

  • Scarlett & Natasha One Shots
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    these are all Scarlett/Natasha x daughter!reader one shots :) mostly fem/afab!reader bc that's what I am and brings me comfort to write these stories that are what I use to read when I'm sad requests are welcome!

  • female celebrity x daughter reader
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    + fictional characters you can leave requests <3 mostly fluff and angst

  • Marvel women one shots
    3.9K 89 15

    Just another one shot book to meet your unfulfilled childhood needs. They will include marvel women like Wanda, Natasha, Hela, Maria, the actors and maybe some of their other characters xo

  • Women One-Shots
    4.4K 207 17

    New one-shot book, about all women you can imagine.

  • MARVEL SHOTS BABY - reader x marvel one shots
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    LETS GO BESTIES, REQUESTS ARE OPEN (cast and character one shots)

  • Things you said • Scarlett Johansson
    7.2K 147 4

    Just an imagine-type series about Scarlett Johansson!!!! I love this woman so much, she is so amazing! Scarlett Johansson x female character (No name specified) Female Character's faceclaim: Imogen Poots

  • scarlet/natsha romanoff oneshots
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    please give me ideas

  • Scarlett / Natasha Oneshots
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    Natasha x Reader Oneshots Scarlett x Reader Oneshots

  • Always My Love (Blackhill Oneshots)
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    My favorites and their wonderful chaos <3

  • Scarlett Johansson and Natasha Romanoff one shot
    28K 485 39

    just a bunch of scarlett Johansson or natasha romanoff one shots as why not

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    ~*~*oneshots*~*~ Request are open- Reader can be any gender and age People I can write for: Elizabeth Olsen (her characters) Kathryn Hahn ( Agatha Harkness) Brie Larson (certain characters)

  • 𝗶𝗺𝗮𝗴𝗶𝗻𝗲𝘀 | 𝗳𝗶𝗰𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻𝗮𝗹 𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗿𝗮𝗰𝘁𝗲𝗿𝘀
    4.6K 301 11

    "some people stay with us forever. even when they leave" this book will be full of shorts, imagines, one shots etc female fictional character x female reader platonic, romantic or relative #6 - #auntmay

  • Scarlizzie/Wandanat x Daughter One Shots
    14.1K 354 21

    Hey<3 Basically these are just overdramatic one Shots of scar and lizzie x daughter reader:) REQUESTS ARE OPEN!! I might do a scar or lizzie(wanda or nat) x fem!reader as well:)

  • Wanda/Lizzie's daughter-one shots
    4.1K 129 5

    Just one shots of my favourite mother figures, Wanda Maximoff and Elizabeth Olsen! Unfortunately I lost my other account and my other books so this is my new one! Wanda's daughter will still be called Eliza as I can't bare to change the name. Although Lizzie's daughter is called Isabelle. I really hope you enjoy thi...

  • natasha romanoff x daughter reader
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    a small collection of natasha daughter reader oneshots. no update schedule, probably wont get updated often due to school and mental health problems, sorry :) started: 18/9/22 ended:

  • Mama Nat x Daughter Reader Fics
    767 29 2

    Cute and fluffy Mama Nat one-shots all compiled into one. - I also take requests/ AKA please leave requests lmao I love them

  • Blackhill x Daughter Reader Fics
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    Cute and fluffy Blackhill Daughter one-shots all compiled into one. - I also take requests/ AKA please leave requests lmao I love them

  • Mother/daughter one shots: EO, WM, SJ, NR
    57.9K 1.9K 24

    Hi, welcome. Here you can read one-shots of the reader being Elizabeth Olsen, Wanda Maximoff, Scarlett Johansson, Natasha Romanoff, Wandanat or Scarlizzie's daughter. Most of the time I'll use she/her pronouns refering to Y/N, unless scripted otherwise in the beginning of the chapter. Don't see anything you'd love to...

  • Scarlett/Natasha teacher one-shots
    38.9K 1.2K 14

    Teacher attachment issues? Me too ON HOLD

  • Scarlett Johansson x Daughter One Shots
    81.3K 2.6K 31

    contains fluff, angst and mental health one shots <3 requests are CLOSED updates are whenever I feel like it!

  • Elizabeth Olsen's daughters // one shots
    8.4K 163 7

    One shots of Lizzie's daughters. Both characters are in inspired by me and Amelie! So yeah, ENJOY!

  • natasha x daughter one shots
    138K 5.4K 87

    one shots of natasha's daughter, because i have severe mommy issues and i need something to do with my time requests are open, im trying to get them done as soon as possible :)

  • Elizabeth Olsen/Scarlett Johansson one shots
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    Erm..... i mean it's what the title says 😂 Requests are open and very much needed! This basically has Elizabeth Olsen and her characters as well as Scarlett Johansson and her characters and one shots of the reader that is female and uses she/her pronouns If you do read it then i very much hope you enjoy it!

    Completed   Mature
  • Scarlett/Natasha x daughter one shot<3
    34.9K 911 31

    I don't really know what to write Takes requests! So just write in the comments or Message me and I do your request Enjoy Started: 9 June Completed:

  • Lizzie daughter one shot
    53.6K 1.1K 24

    One shot's of Lizzie's daughter Because it's giving me comfort<3 I hope you will like it