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  • Hallucinarium │ Matt Healy AU
    2.1K 141 4

    Tell me the story about the boy and the broken machine. And his dream, his only dream, of falling in, and falling out, of him, and of her, but mainly just of love. © Isabel [HarrehStulls] 2015

  • Cigarettes ➳ Aesthetics One Shot
    877 61 1

    in which literal poetry turns into something more celebratory, relationships evolve into something greater, and ultimately, life becomes just a bit more beautiful, all within a package of cigarettes. [ aesthetics one shot contest entry, book by @cathartics ]

  • Dystopia
    5.4K 358 11

    He was too smart to know any better; intoxicated within the idea that the boundaries of knowledge were limitless, and he himself, invincible. © Isabel [HarrehStulls] 2014

  • Madness ➮ Harry Styles AU
    42.6K 2.1K 34

    Perhaps there's more to love than adoration, more to lust than passion, and more to a book than the story it tells. © Isabel [HarrehStulls] 2013 cover by restlesslovee