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  • Praying For Fate
    164K 7.4K 30

    The original story, Praying For Fate (求緣) is written by ShiShi (十世). This is a translation of this Chinese novel. BeiTang MinQian: He is a world class super model and is the only son and heir to a prestigious aristocratic family. Because of the pressure as the family's sole successor, he must face the norms of...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rivals in a cabin || boyxboy
    2M 65.5K 36

    Dorian Bowman and Hayden St. Martin have been rivals from day one. Now that senior year is around the corner, their parents decide to push the boys to reconcile and have a plan to solve their never-ending rivalry. A cabin in the woods. Dorian and Hayden are stuck together in the cabin. Locked up and tension rising d...

  • Unexpected (BoyxBoy)
    357K 14.6K 30

    My name is Caden Michaels. I've been kidnapped by someone who had been stalking me for 5 years, and I had no idea I was being stalked. What will happen to Caden when he is taken one night while working by his stalker of five years? He has no friends. The only person that he talks to is his Aunt and they aren't even...

  • Boy in the Mist (Vampire BoyxBoy)
    335K 14.6K 31

    It was a gloomy town, sure, but Isaac didn't think much of it. He laughed off the myths, dismissed the graveyard, and pushed away his thoughts of anything supernatural. He was pretty damn stupid to do that, though. (BoyxBoy, Vampires)

  • Hero Vs Villain (BoyxBoy)
    1.7M 85.5K 76

    They couldn't be more different. Ridley is a knight in shining white armor, so perfect in every way that it makes people hardly able to stand him. Prince Vandel on the other hand (aka the evil demon prince of darkness) is the sworn enemy of the kingdom, obsessed with gaining power and wearing beautiful clothes. The tw...

  • Erin's Escort (MxM) ✓
    107K 6.6K 16

    🅜🅐🅝 ⓧ 🅜🅐🅝 Sam Fink is a well liked male escort. He has the looks and skills to satisfy any client in and out of bed. His newest client doesn't care about his looks and also not ready to try his skills. A fluffy romance between a flirty escort and a blind accountant.

  • Blossoming From Zero (boyxboy)
    5.9M 236K 59

    Harvey is a quiet, shy, and extremely talented sixteen year old boy. He never really enjoyed speaking much, he usually lost himself in thought. At his school he's either bullied or completely ignored by the students, the teachers don't help him at all either. Its as if everything is working against him. Though he bega...

  • When Lust & Envy Meet
    280K 14.4K 32

    Isaac Harley is Eton's devilish delinquent, and Josiah Beckett's the pretentious prefect. At least, that's what the two have always presumed of each other, their true selves buried under a facade and hidden like a sin. Neither one would've ever guessed that all it took was one fateful night, one of hazy minds and abso...

  • Seraphino (boy/boy)
    63.4K 2.9K 10

    At the tender age of sixteen, Emery's family takes a dangerous stray of a teen into their otherwise happy home. Emery has had trouble separating fear from desire ever since. As Emery and Luka enter adulthood, Emery realizes that Luka's growing in the way that he's seen most strays at the clinic do; quietly - quickly...

  • He's Trouble
    342K 12.8K 20

    [BoyxBoy Romance] Noah moves schools and quickly finds himself falling for someone. That someone is Clark Herrington. Noah thinks he's kind and caring, but his other new friends say that he's trouble.

  • The Life We Had |BxB|
    762K 35K 90

    It was supposed to be a simple project. The new kid ends up being partners with the most popular jock in the school for the biology project. It is not easy to be friends with someone who's from a completely different world, but they say that love overcomes every obstacle, right?

  • Dangerous (BoyxBoy)
    1.1M 44.6K 49

    *** COMPLETED *** Sixteen year old Daniel Layman has been bullied since he came out. His best friend and protector Sean, moved to Los Angeles leaving Daniel to fend for himself in Oklahoma City. Along with trying to survive every minute of hell at school, Daniel also has to walk over five miles everyday through the da...

  • Rejection
    385K 25.6K 33

    Kyle's life hadn't been easy. Born as a rogue wolf, packless and wandering, he was used to fighting for his life. He had hoped that after finding his mate, everything would be different. Instead, he was betrayed, rejected and cast out, left to die. Struggling to survive and avoiding pack wolves in general, Kyle soon f...

  • To Love Him | ✔
    1.4M 57.2K 45

    HR-19SS | Sammy Walcott is the loner boy. The boy with scars and bruises. The quiet lacrosse boy. Sammy doesn't have a problem being alone and everybody has come to know and respect this. That's until Elijah Gracia comes back to town. Being alone isn't possible anymore. Copyright © CriticallyIntense

  • The Human Boy {BoyxBoy & FIN}
    388K 15.9K 59

    One Werewolf. One Vampire. One Human boy. All living in the same house for the same reason. They are in the PSP (Protection Supernatural Program) when deadly threats wants them dead. But the closer they get to the truth, the closer the threats come and they soon learn about their past, their future, and maybe their af...

  • It's A Love/Hate Thing (BoyxBoy) [Slash]
    456K 10.6K 30

    [This book will contain- at numerous times- two GUYS acting upon feelings- which means sexual acts. So, gay sex is present! No likey no readey! Please move on! Thanks- this book also contains abuse, upsetting scenes and then a LOT more abuse!] The book one doesn't mean a sequel in this case, it's just the first in the...

  • This Rose Bleeds (boyxboy)
    648K 31.1K 34

    Nathan's life is ruined with school, working his bum off, hiding TONS of secrets, and simply surviving. Ryder's life is amazing with soccer, friends, being awesome, avoiding his mom's annoying plots at setting him up. Nathan doesn't need any more trouble. Too bad when he meets Ryder, trouble is all he gets. I suck at...

  • A Murder Of Crows [boyxboy]
    152K 11.2K 26

    Cor Sander wants nothing to do with the attacks happening around Crowe Academy, but that doesn't mean he's not part of them. Begrudgingly part of the group known as the Collectors, Cor helps a shady man run an even shadier business- and send a message to those who cross him. When the school's student council starts to...

  • Hesitate
    498K 17K 53

    Zero was happy he had a normal life with a happy family that was until his mother decided to leave him and his father. Even if his mother told him that she would never come back, he still has hope that he will be able to see her again. Now he is 17 and need to earn more money for his father who is getting more sick da...

  • Accidental Marriage [ManxBoy]
    833K 30.9K 37

    Peter J. Edsburke is a 20 years old boy who studied law in a college at California. He pursued a normal and wonderful teenage life, with his best friend Heather Wright, who always stood by him through thick and thin. But, in just one day all of his normal life had been taken away from him, due to a chaos caused by hi...

  • Alone Together [boyxboy]
    601K 32.8K 24

    Alexis was raised by a loving family- until he was disowned and abandoned at the age of 15 for being gay. Alexis and his 4 troubled friends live together in a house, doing what they have to in order to get by. Alexis's source of happiness comes from Micah, a 5 year old boy he found alone on the streets and took in. Jo...

  • Loud And Clear (boyxboy)
    295K 16.7K 26

    Highest rank: #1 LGBT! William is going deaf but somehow Lucas' voice is always Loud And Clear. A boyxboy romance about learning to be yourself and to make the best of every situation. ~ Lucas doesn't really have a filter. Or a clue. Or money for food. That's why, when he meets William Hunt, the moody lone...

  • Cinderelliot
    3.9M 336K 90

    ⭐ The Fiction Awards 2017 winner ⭐ ❝He was my Prince Charming; I wasn't his Cinderella.❞ In this unsung version of Cinderella, Elliot Banks narrates a story of forbidden romances, out-of-the-world miracles, and unhappily ever afters. #1 in Short Story © 2016 Fury Evans [ cover by @blackhazex ]

  • Rising Tide
    1.6M 19.1K 11

    Zale is a cry baby. He can't help it. He just gets so mad that the tears start flowing, which makes him even madder. It also doesn't help that the world is sinking. Unpredictably, the land shifts and entire cities can disappear under the water. Zale and his family thought they were safe, until the water started to ri...

  • Not Another High School Love Story
    847K 37.5K 42

    Ugh, *rolls eyes* not another high school love story... [Twist on clichés] A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY *RANK* ·#1 || Closeted--5/7/19 ·#1 || Gayboys--6/18/19 ·#1 || Guyxguy--7/15/19 ·#1 || Bxb--7/29/19 ·#1 || Boyxboy--7/29/19 ·#1 || Gaylove--7/29/19 ·#1 || Jock--7/30/19 ·#1 || Lgbt--8/3/19 ·#1 || Loser--8/3/19 ·#1 || Bo...

  • Reverie (Werewolf)(boyxboy) **BEING REWRITTEN***
    1.4M 49.2K 43

    Nico has had trouble fitting in every city, and each move makes it even harder. He finally hits the town of Erie, where his whole world is turned completely upside down. Can Nico deal with all the discovery, a bad boy, and dark secrets? ***THIS BOOK IS CURRENTLY UNDER SEVERE AND EXTENSIVE RE-WRITE*** ***READ AT YOUR O...

  • The King & the Stable Boy
    1.1M 46.8K 75

    {Royals and Peasants Book 1} [COMPLETED] {#1 in Paranormal: 02/09/18} "Laws are just as fragile as silence. It only takes one person to break it and change everything." Noah spent the last five years listening to the former Queen of Anicia fretting for her son who had yet to find his mate. Never in his life could he...

  • Runt (BoyxBoy)
    1.1M 45.2K 15

    Runt doesn't know what his real name is. He's been called that for his entire life by everyone he knows, and cannot remember being addressed as anything else. Runt is an albino in both wolf form and human, and is abused by his pack for it. When his brother, the alpha of the pack, sees an oppertunity to throw him away...

  • The Stable Boy (BoyxBoy) (Completed)
    1.4M 54.7K 29

    When Captain Jacob Cope, the fair haired hero with eyes resembling a Caribbean sea, is welcomed into the residence of Lord Winters and his companion, he is quite taken with the boy who sleeps in the stables. Kit is content to brawl and chase skirts, doing little to contribute to his work but sleep in the hay, his inst...

  • An Outlaw's Silence (manxman)(second story in The Crane Gang series)
    389K 24.4K 33

    An Outlaw's Silence (Wyatt's Story) ***Only a handful of people in Wyatt's life ever given a darn about him-because of that, Wyatt is extremely loyal and protective of his 'family'. So when he catches a man sneaking around at the edge of Jeb's land, he is quick to apprehend him and hold him captive in a shack. Wyatt'...