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  • Drown {Chihiro x Haku}
    1.6K 55 1

    Spirited Away - Modern day fanfiction. Chihiro drops her precious locket in a lake during a school trip. She dives in after it; but when she doesn't come up Haku has to make a brave decision.. To let her drown, or risk his life to save hers?

    165K 7.8K 20

    Logging on to Facebook for the first time for what seems like years, Eren befriends someone who's name is Levi, and he apparently went to he same highschool as Eren and the others. "His cold steel eyes are something I just can't help but fall for." "Tch, this brat will be the end of me." A story of new love ensues, an...

  • Attack On Titan One Shots★
    2M 61.3K 145

    Funny conversations between the characters of Attack On Titans!! Everything included! Love confessions, jealous Levi, funny Erwin, embarrassed Armin and cute Marco! There is some smut included so be warned! Cover credit goes to the amazing user: dark-shadows

  • Lost in the Meaning (Ereri/ Eren x Levi fanfic)
    427K 15.8K 42

    (Current day FanFic) The last week of school has finally arrived, leaving Eren Jaeger at the fit of celebration. And celebration indeed. A surprise substitute teacher fills in for math the last week, by the name of Levi Rivaille. Good looking with an attitude that could make the dark shudder, Eren is amazed and, he c...

    Completed   Mature
  • What If Fairy Tail Had FACEBOOK
    1.7M 69.6K 68

    What if the members of the number 1 guild in Fiore joined Facebook?! Well they did and here is what happened! Join the members of Fairy Tail and have front row seats to their addiction to the one and only Facebook. Watch through the Facebook Fights, Chats, Laughs, Cries and mostly every other emotion!

    Completed   Mature
  • Ask Natsu and Happy || Closed
    646K 18.9K 204

    Natsu and Happy Ask Book #1 Any comments on here will be answered in another Ask Book.

  • We're Just Enemies
    242 10 2

    Harry runs away from the Dursleys, but what happens when he bumps into Draco Malfoy? Why did he notice those silvery grey eyes, and that milky white skin? Is he possibly in love with Draco Malfoy? But they're supposed to be enemies... right??