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  • Sweet Serial Killer
    1.7K 119 4

    Harry's schizophrenic, Louis is smitten with a serial killer, he decided life is funny like that. ~~~~~~~~~~~ There will be consistent warnings at the beginning of each chapter of inappropriate/morbid/triggering topics.

  • The Wolves Den {Larry Mpreg}
    796K 26.4K 24

    Louis is the first born Omega in centuries and he doesn’t know this, an important fact. Johanna, Louis mother keeps him ignorant to his status in the wolf world and makes him believe that he’s a regular wolf. She’s scared of the Alphas that may rape and mate her son for the power he possess. She finds it hard to accep...

  • Burn [Larry Stylinson AU]
    519K 15.6K 18

    There are things much larger than fate... Louis Tomlinson is a street musician with a minor drug addiction and a ginger cat he sometimes talks to. After a nearly fatal beating, he is saved by a fallen angel named Harry. Louis shows Harry how to live and be reckless, while at the same time finds himself falling in lov...