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  • The Archangel's Daughter (Book 1 of The Angel Chronicles) EDITING PROCESS
    472K 10.1K 31

    What if God gave you another chance to live, not as a mortal, but as an angel... an angel of death. Huntress Matthews, the violet eyed girl, never knew what a normal life is. She was constantly surrounded by responsibilities, guards, and assassins. But heaven was watching her, they were watching her way too much, as s...

  • Arrival
    20 4 2

    Drayk Alio couldn't be happier. He has good friends, a pretty nice job, and an amazing brother who he can confide in. His life is just a smooth ride with no bumps, no blips, no nothing. Things couldn't get any better. Until someone new is added to his group. Instantly a hit with his friends, the arrival captivates Dr...

  • How I Survived
    451K 13.3K 67

    BEING REWRITTEN THIS IS THE OLD VERSION You haven't learnt anything until you learn monsters have nightmares too. Paint me as a villain and call me a monster but I am the architect of my own destruction and that will forever remain engraved inside me. -------------------------- "We need to get you home" he says attemp...

    Completed   Mature
  • Boot Camp
    26.4M 1M 36

    After running away from her problems for four years - her inability to run a mile ironically being one of them - Whitney Carmichael knows a fitness camp will kick start some change in her life. Little does she expect her high school archenemy will be there desperately trying to make amends. Or that she'll ditch her w...

  • Falling For The FBI Agent
    1.7K 350 16

    "Take my hand," he shouts, dropping his gun and extending his arm towards me. "Never in a million years," I snap, trying to steady myself as I feel my grip slowly slipping at the edge. "Look here, Solace, I'm trying to save your life, not asking you to marry me," he tries again. Knowing that I don't really have anothe...