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  • personal bubble ☆ tsukishima
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    You and your family live fairly close to a popular university. To make some extra money, they decide to transform the guest bedroom into a room that students can use to rent out. One day, a chemistry student named Kei Tsukishima moves in. Once you meet him, he comes off as cold and reserved, but you feel a strange att...

  • Haikyuu (x Reader)
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    Stories about my favorite Haikyuu characters. Please understand that this is my first story, so I apologize if it's bad. *undergoing editing

  • Haikyuu (x Reader) part 2
    23.8K 1K 68

    Part 2 of my Haikyuu x reader book Will edit once everything is complete! REQUESTS OPEN! message or comment, but strictly no sex scenes!