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  • Secrets [Zarry]
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    "What other big secret could you possibly have?"

  • Perspective [Zarry]
    369K 26.3K 60

    "Stop acting like you know me."

  • Shakespeare [Zouis/Narry]
    99.7K 5.5K 18

    "I can't have him until that thing he calls an older brother has a boyfriend. And that's where you come in." "Never in a million years." >>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<< Or, Liam secretly pays Zayn to date Louis so that he can be with Niall, Louis' innocent younger brother. The only issues are...Harry, the hopeless romantic, is in...

  • Undercover [Zarry]
    394K 27.7K 68

    " me Harrie." *1st place in The Bromance Awards: Season Two *Highest ranking as of 12/02/17: #345 in Fanfiction ©2016 Prisonerwithavision