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  • simple love
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    story about a softer sebastian who's in love with one of his truest friends kurt, but kurt is in a relationship with blaine. the story goes on.

  • Losing You
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  • Live Love and Then? Run.
    2.3K 101 7

    Blaine. Blaine. That name just would not leave his mind alone. What else could he do? What else was there to do? You see your boyfriend, by himself, going in for the kiss with your well known enemy. If that happened to you, whether it was a boyfriend, or, a girlfriend, you see that happen... would you not feel so hel...

  • Sing with Me
    18.6K 806 53

    Kurtbastian Fanfic! Two boys. One thing in common? Hatred. Hatred for each other. But maybe, just maybe, their emotions are confused, with something more that they will have to find the answer to the hard way.