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  • We watch and we learn
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    The Birth of Hero(BoH) and The Trash of the count family(TTC) timeline were taken away to learn about the Future of the TTC world, to learn and understand. Earth 2 will also join the theater.

  • TCF React to Cale
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    Just as Cale promised Billos to destroy the merchant guild, a sudden bright light covered his eyes. When Cale open his eyes, he could see all of his allies whom he fought together with in the White War in a large room which oddly looks similiar to a theater in Kim Rok Soo's life. 'Just as the Sealed God problem is do...

  • TBOAH react to TCF (SLOW UPDATE)
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    The Birth of Hero react to Trash of the Count's Family. This story contains an alternative universe that I personally created. The Alternative Universe that I created contains some elements from most fantasy stories in general and some elements from Genshin Impact. THE BIRTH OF HERO X GENSHIN IMPACT ADVENTURER!OGCALE...

  • TBOAH React To Traveler Cale
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    Sometime just before the Plaza Terror Incident, the trash of the Henituse family, Cale, mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Aside from his family, no one cared where the trash may have gone, they believed he finally ran away in shame and a disgrace such as him is better off dying in a ditch somewhere. Sometime a...

  • The Birth of a Hero Reacts to The Trash of the Count's Family
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    Art by @panguru88 on Twitter (I think I can repost?) TBOAH will be reacting to TCF's battles, whether they are small or big. I am not the owner of Trash of the Count's Family or any of the characters. They belong to the author, Yoo Ryeo Han Cross Posting to AO3 Under The Same Username!!

  • Sealed God Temple's Test Reaction Fic
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    TCF react to Sealed God test inside the temple Chapter 699-757 Timeline : after Part 1 (Crosspost on AO3) ----- English is not my native language. So there will be grammatical errors. This is my first reacting fic (and my first fic in english) please go easy on me. Anyway, enjoy!! ^^ (Slow update)

  • TBOAH reacts to a Self-Sacrificial Commander
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    The Birth of Hero characters were teleported to a cinema where they will react to our favourite self-sacrificial commander. Disclaimer: The photo cover isn't mine. This fanfiction is based on a Korean Webnovel called "The Lout of the Count's Family" or "The Trash of the Count's Family" written by Yoo Ryeo Han. Warning...

  • TBOAH (Sick Lout) react to a not so lout (TBOAH/TCF Reaction fic)
    4.2K 233 2

    "PROTECT HIS MAJESTY!!" A lady with beautiful red hair and eyes, Rosalyn yells as she released her mana cover cover a handsome man "YOUR MAJESTY ARE YOU OKAY!?!?" A wolf boy, Lock ask "I am alright Lock, but we need to worry about where are we, who bring us here and why are we here. Show yourself now!" The prince of...

  • TBOAH and TOTCF react to TOTCF
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    The Greek Goddess of Night Nyx is bored and frustrated by the events taking place in the world of TBOAH, so she decides to be kind and helpful by providing them with information from the other world that can help them in the future to keep their world from falling into despair. She also included their parallel selves...

  • Reaction fic- How Cale Henituse Change His Future version
    118K 5K 29

    Well, I've read some reaction fic recently... and wanna try it? This will be Cale and the people from the original timeline or [The Birth of a Hero] world, reacting to what happened to my own story, [How Cale Henituse Change His Future]... Of course, the original timeline was also from my version of the story... Publi...

  • Reaction and Matchmaking Attempts
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    The gods put their hands where they shouldn't be and thanks to a deal with Cale that cost the gods dearly- money-greedy bastard- the Birth of a Hero world will receive some guidance in the form of watching Cale and his group's shenanigans. To fan the flames, Cale and his world will also join. (Poor, unfortunate Kim Ro...

  • Visit
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    Two years and the war had started. Many lives were lost and many were devestated. While preparing for future tragedies, the heroes and some other people were teleported somewhere unfamiliar except for a certain black haired boy. A room filled with chairs and a girl at the center. A cinema. "I welcome you The birth o...

  • Beyond the Mirrors
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    TBOAH people react to Cale Henituse Aus and random things.

  • time to react!
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    tboah and tcf worlds' people where brought to one place, because GoD lost a bet and has to help tboah world, and what's better then showing them his favourite child??😁😁

  • TBOAH React To TCF
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    I don't know what to write for the description, sorry This is an au I create Hope you all enjoyed

  • Cale Turn Into A Girl?!
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    In the morning " AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! RON!!! " Bang~ The bathroom door open and the person who open it was Ron with a worry expression on his face when he heard Cale scream . " Young master!! What wron- " He was shock when he open the bathroom door he didn't expect his eyes the person in front of him was not his...

  • Getting To Know The Future
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    [DISCONTINUED] people reacts to the WIKI of the people of Date posted: March 23, 2022 Language: English Status: On going - 🖇️This contains spoilers from the novel.

  • TBOH reacts to videos (Hiatus, should have mention this earlier)
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    First of all, please go easy on me. This is my first time doing a content like this. I downloads the Tiktok videos and put it in my channel (Unlisted) so please don't attack me, people can't see it unless i give them the link. Like this one here. > If one of your video is here and you don't like it to be here pleas...

  • Tboah react to Cale's AU
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    This took place after the Plaza terror accident. [Tboah react to Cale's AU] (That was the plan, until I got an idea to make a huge, really HUGE crossover reaction)

  • Unexpected Fortune pulling string of Fate. Tcf Reaction Book
    33.5K 1.4K 7

    Where one side gets information,while the other gets entertainment after being bored for an eternity of nothingness. -Started:January 24 2022 -Ongoing?: Y/N -Yes -Ended:??? The first chapter will focus on them getting situated and Kim Roo Soo's reveal. I didn't make the reveal too flashy,as it did not suit me nor any...

  • We're Kidnapped Just To React?! (TCF Fanfic)
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    'Trash of the Count's Family' fanfic. Characters of different timelines and dimension reaction. "So you're saying... We're kidnapped just to react?!" -Choi Han

  • To See, To React
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    Lout of The Count's Family fanfiction Reaction fic When TCF and TBOAH characters got transported to a room to react about their past and to get informations regarding the future. __________ There will be OCs here [Warning: grammatical errors]

  • They React To Cale Henituse's Story
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    The Lout(Trash) of the Count's Family and The Birth of Hero react to Cale Henituse's story. It's all thanks to our Cute little host, Biyoo-nim! A little TCF x ORV ____________________________________________ Cover Photo: @RaontheGreat in Twitter

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    Trash of the count's family characters reacts to their wiki and future chapters! Warning spoilers of the novel!

  • TBOAH and TCF raect Wiki
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    Since I see very few people working on this topic on wattpad and the updates take so long, I decided to write my own react suite to get a sense of how hard it is to be an author. TBOAH timeline: after the end of the war in Henituse territory. TCF timeline: after Cale fainted while rescuing Elf village Note: English is...

  • Trash Of the Count's family Reacting to
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    Everyone in Cale's Group and Family was swallowed by a portal and ended up in a room there they see a Couch, Pillows, Table and a big TV/Screen then a Voice spoke up. ---------------------- Read to find out what happened~

  • One Of Us
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    Shang... A bright light covers the whole world, leaving only few of those who are chosen to be transported somewhere in the universe. A room looks like a cinema from the Earth. Red chairs, a big black screen, and a podium. But oddly enough, there is someone on top of the podium. Two infact. Red hairs flutters even wit...

  • React to LCF
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    The title says it all. I really love the novel, I also found a lot lcf react fanfiction. That's why i'm thinking of making one. I hope anyone who read this will like it. Lout of Count's Family is not mine. Its belong to Yoo Ryeo Han. The cover is not mine too. I don't know who the artist is because I just randomly sav...

  • Can We Save This Doomed World?
    65.2K 3K 9

    [DISCONTINUED] The Birth of a Hero is brought to react to the future (AU) Actually just a fic I wrote for myself as appreciation for Og!Cale because I love him. In this fic, Kim Roksoo and Cale Henituse are not two different people. Cale Henituse, at the age of 40 died in the hands of the White Star and was reborn as...

  • Difference - TBOAH AU reacts to TOTCF/TCF {Slow Updates}
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    "The Birth of a Hero" characters of an alternative universe get teleported to an empty room, an unknown being invites (totally not a threat) them to assist to an alternative universe, in exchange for information on how to win the war. The villains are not invited! Although i would love to put sassy White Radish, i am...