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  • Boxers & Panties ~ l.s
    1.1M 48K 29

    World famous boxer Harry Styles has been pining over cute, cross dressing Starbucks barista Louis Tomlinson for who knows how long. Little does he know that Louis Tomlinson feels the exact same way. highest rating: #33 in fanfiction 10/12/15 Also on AO3- Port...

  • Lipstick || l.s
    63.8K 3.6K 32

    When you see boys wearing makeup, you automatically think he could be a drag queen, or transgender or cross dresser. But to Harry Styles, he has always considered himself as a normal boy.. but who loves to wear makeup. Warning: angst, mention of rape, mention of depression, suicide attempt. Spanish Translated: http:...

  • Bring Your Body Baby (I Could Bring You Fame)
    1.2M 48.3K 17

    Eighteen year old Harry Styles just graduated high school and landed a summer job as a water boy for his favorite football team. His job description is simple: be ready to hand water and towels to players if needed. That didn't seem to include Louis Tomlinson though, a twenty-three year old, recently transferred Paris...

    Completed   Mature
  • Caught [l.s] (boyxboy)
    2M 113K 59

    [HIGHEST RANK: #37 FANFIC / #100 TEENFIC; 9/14/14] **sequel to Catfish. Please, read Catfish before this story.** In which Louis and Harry are supposedly made up, Anna is dead, Harry has moved on for real this time, and everyone knows the truth. Louis is living with his friend Eve temporarily in between tours (he refu...

  • It Started with a Selfie [larry stylinson a.u.]
    2.2M 141K 70

    "Wait, pause. Louis Tomlinson just liked my selfie. What a creep."

  • Until The Truth Is Exposed (Larry AU FPIBKS Sequel)
    91.4K 5.9K 20

    Sequel To Foul Play Is Better Kept Secret (Larry AU) The Man who thought he had everything around his finger finds himself curled around his enemy's instead. Cheated out of everything he thought was real, brings big changes to his life, one that may cost more than he's able to handle.

  • SPACES [Editing]
    417K 25.1K 134

    Louis Tomlinson finds himself in a hotel room in Las Vegas with a ring around his finger and a marriage certificate which states that he's married to a man named Harry Edward Styles.

  • just because he's different :: l.s.
    326K 11.4K 25

    "What? Who's that?" "Louis Tomlinson. He's such a freak." Or where Louis Tomlinson likes pink frilly things and Harry wants people to accept that. P.S. This was written a few years ago when I was a dumb little fuck and couldn't write for shit ENJOY :)

  • Cockblocks and Controllers
    809K 35.5K 51

    "I'm going to fuck up your soldier, Tomlinson." "Only if you can fuck me first, Styles." [Italian translation available]

    Completed   Mature
  • Sun, Sea and Awkward Harry (Larry Stylinson)
    1.1M 27.5K 32

    Harry has been pining for eight years over one Louis Tomlinson who just so happens to be one of the group heading off to Spain for a two week holiday.

  • your lipstick stain is a work of art » stylinson
    266K 15.5K 26

    louis is simply a hipster. but, he likes girl's clothing. so. anyway; harry is an indie style boy who is mostly seen driving around the town in his beat up truck (it's endearing), or sitting in the back of the local library, his face hidden by a book and his - classic - fedora. when they - inevitably - meet, it is by...

  • 17 Black
    1.7M 64.9K 36

    When sassy, stubborn high school football star Louis Tomlinson meets the new hard-ass team coach, Harry Styles, a heated rivalry sparks between the two and it is evident that the upcoming season is sure to be eventful.

  • built memories | a sequel
    420K 12.7K 38

    ❝It's 12:26 am and I'd like to scream at you and tell you that I miss you but instead I just closed my eyes and whispered "you're a fool for letting me go.❞ [sequel to lost memories] [warnings: sexual content]

    Completed   Mature
  • these bountiful silences
    277K 18K 33

    [larry ; complete] They live in a world where they're only allowed to say four words a day. Harry meets some people that don't want to live that way. [ranked #29 in fanfiction] - all rights reserved @tommoandbambi ©

    Completed   Mature
  • Friends. // l.s.
    198K 9.6K 31

    "And it was there always, the tension. Lingering in the spaces between us, poisoning the air around us and weighing down the hearts inside of us." Basically, Harry and Louis don't like each other, end up being step brothers and then things ensue. © 2014 by larriesrainbow. All Rights Reserved Achievements: Humor #355...

  • Their Submission {BDSM} {Larry Mpreg} BOOK 2
    1M 32K 20

    A lot has happened since Harry and Louis were matched together. They were able to quickly and almost completely get over everything that has brought them down rather than up. Louis had learned that he didn't have to submit to everyone and Harry learned what it was like to have someone rely on his every touch, look, an...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Submission {BDSM} {Larry Mpreg} BOOK 1
    2M 59.1K 21

    Louis Tomlinson lives in a world where Domination and Submission is a norm. When you are born you are either branded Sub or Dom. Subs get a little pink or blue, depeneding on gender, series of swirls on the back of their neck. Doms get Red or Black, depending on gender, series of swirls on the back of their neck. Loui...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Hated You First ➸ Larry
    648K 29.1K 37

    [COMPLETE | AU] With some demons haunting him from his past, Harry is excited to start college to get a relaxed escape from his home life, but stress is only added on him when his middle school bully, Louis, attends the same school he does. (Keep in mind that this was my first story so its not the best. In fact, I don...

  • Amour
    546K 21.1K 35

    I shuddered as his lips ghosted over my ear. "There really isn't a point in struggling love. You'll learn that soon enough, whether it be the easy way or the hard way, that's up to you." I tried to breathe at a steady rate as he continued. "You see, unluckily for you, I've taken a liking to you Harry. I want you. And...

  • Lost Boy // l.s.
    513K 31.6K 52

    ❝What's a 'Lost Boy'?❞ ❝You're a Lost Boy!❞ ❝But... I'm not lost?❞

  • My Hero // l.s
    129K 8.3K 35

    [Short Story | Larry Stylinson] "Daddy, why do you always wear this?" "Daddy loss someone very special a long time ago. I wear this necklace to honor him." ---- Copyright © 2014 MaddsLeigh. All rights reserved.

  • The Wedding Date ➸ Ziam
    558K 29.6K 37

    [COMPLETE | AU] Zayn works at Walmart. He hasn't had a boyfriend or even been on a date in forever. He's hounded all the time by his mother to find someone and now that his older brother is getting married, the pressure is on. Zayn wants to find someone, but its hard considering what happened to him in the past. He's...

    Completed   Mature
  • Larry Stylinson ~ Poor Little Rich Boy AU
    296K 8.9K 20

    Poor Little Rich Boy - Larry Stylinson. Louis’ dare is simple: to find some sad little rich kid stupid enough to fall in love with him, and win him over by the end of the holiday. In every figurative sense. It’s a challenge that Louis is completely confident he can carry out. So when the perfect, pretty little Harry S...

  • Gay Pick Up Lines [Larry Stylinson]
    37.6K 2.5K 38

    ❝Harry loves gay pick up lines Louis loves everything about him. Harry has a depressing past. Louis has a messed up past. They never thought they would work out. But maybe gay pick up lines aren't enough. What if they haven't met yet? ❞ © All Rights Reserved ***Read if you're okay with grammar and spelling mistak...

    Completed   Mature
  • World Cup [larry stylinson a.u.]
    1M 51.1K 59

    I went to Brazil wishing to hook up with as many straight men as I could find but a gay tourist with a nice butt was all I got.