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  • Video Blog (Joshler) [✓]
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    tyler thinks the world is a horrible, ugly place. then he meets josh. ❀ joshler youtube au lowercase intended ❀ completed may 08 2017 ©cutmylip 2017

  • under the gas station lights ➳ joshler
    222K 5.9K 77

    josh is into sad boys and coffee, and one day, he finds both. (lowercase intended)

  • demons » joshler
    75.1K 5K 33

    everyone knows about tyler joseph's demons. everyone knows they exist. but josh? no one ever notices him.

  • algolagnia | joshler
    7.7K 282 14

    in which tyler is a stripper and josh is his boss - joshler smut _ trigger warning - fic by suzi (@sexgrape) and frankie (@bloodyorange) discontinued lol

  • Baby Boy (Joshler)
    45K 1.3K 22

    Tyler Joseph, a young gay kid, falls in love with a boy. The boy is heavenly. His name is Joshua Dun, but he goes by Josh. Will Tyler be able to get the boy of his dreams, or will it all fail? Only time will tell. (WILL CONTAIN SMUT AND SUBJECTS THAT MAY TRIGGER SOME SUCH AS SUICIDAL THOUGHTS AND THINGS DISCUSSED IN T...

  • Love You to Death (joshler)
    1.1K 32 3

    The two times Josh almost kills Tyler during sex and the one time he actually does. • Warning: Major Character Death, Smut, and non-con/rape elements.

    Completed   Mature
  • Down In The Forest {Joshler}
    17.5K 926 21

    Tyler has been alone all his life. He doesn't go to school, his parents are neglectful, and he has no friends. No one to love him. His only safe place is deep in the forest. He's spent most of his life there. It's his only safe place to be. Each day, Tyler hopes for someone to come into his life and love him. T...

  • Away From Here ||Josh Dun||
    1.2K 158 14

    SEQUEL TO DOWN IN THE FOREST "I promised him we'd make it real" Josh is alone, and in hiding. He's killed Tyler's sister and parents and has escaped his home. He's changed his last name to hide his identity. He's taken responsibility for Tyler's death because he couldn't save him. Jenna is with him. She also changed...

    Completed   Mature
  • Jumpsuit || Joshler
    21.4K 1.2K 37

    FIRST BOOK IN THE TRENCH SERIES "Dema don't control us" Tyler is taunted by a demon, known as Blurryface. Josh wants to help him, but he doesn't know that Blurryface actually exists.

  • everything is red []
    47.5K 1.1K 29

    Tyler is a poor mute boy with mommy issues while Josh is a rich snob with bed issues. *completed* highest ranking: #25 in joshler #50 in TylerJoseph #6 in Jyler

  • Noose // Joshler
    95.7K 2.9K 57

    Tyler is a depressed teen Josh is a werewolf Their story starts in the forest *Warning Abuse, Depression, Suicide, Cutting* 5/13/2018 #22 on #Joshler 5/16/2018 #16 on #Joshler

  • ✓ Try Again || Joshler
    6.8K 204 3

    Please don't read this book if you don't wanna cry. My purpose of this book is to make you sad, have a taste of reality and everything in between. TRIGGERS -------------- Suicide Self Harm Abuse Abandonment Harrassment Cursing Mental Disorders (Not as common but it's still there) Depression

  • Raindrops (Joshler Fanfic) COMPLETED
    4.1K 102 10

    Josh is back. And it hurts. So much. Trigger warnings: self harm, some mentions of rape, all warnings will be marked at the start of the chapter

  • abused//joshler
    23.6K 737 38

    tyler joseph is twenty-four and has an abusive boyfriend. let's just say tyler joseph is lucky to have josh dun as his neighbor. trigger warning: abuse, drugs, alcohol, rape, etc. started: 6.15.17 finished: 100 reads: july 21, 2017 1k reads: september 18, 2017 5k reads: november 12, 2018 15k reads: november 17, 2019 ...

  • You and I, we just weren't created to survive (joshler) (not edited)
    8.7K 620 18

    Suicide apparently saves lives... even if it's temporary... // "I'll get down if you do too, I can't get to know you if you drown." // Warnings - suicide, self-harm, depression, eating disorder, abuse etc. Abused!tyler Eating disorder!josh // AU

    Completed   Mature
  • constellations; josh dun+ tyler joseph ; FINISHED
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    " he was truly a constellation "

    Completed   Mature
  • fighting for love // joshler
    21.4K 567 30

    lowercase intended. trigger warnings: rape, self-harm, mentions of suicide, smut (josh tops), use of drugs and alcohol!! be safe. start date: november 28, 2016. end date: june 21, 2017. 1k reads: june 22, 2017 5k reads: november 11, 2018 18k reads: november 19, 2019 20k reads: april 9, 2020

    Completed   Mature
  • dancing with the devil ⚣ joshler
    1.5K 141 19

    a story where josh is in a gang but tyler doesn't know. one day josh gets a quest from his boss, this quest can be the end fo everything.. -- idk what this description is, sorriiii. -- major trigger warning! it'll contain: deppressing thoughts rape homophobic thoughts, comments and more but that's like the most trigg...

  • Animal Documentaries (Joshler)
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    **COMPLETED** At night he watches animal documentaries on his box TV and cries when the prey get eaten.

    242K 14.9K 27

    unknown: i don't like seeing you sad tyler: who are you?

  • pacify her ➳ joshler
    184K 7.1K 49

    [tw: self harm, depression, suicide, etc.] josh is your regular popular kid. everyone admires him at school. his life is perfect. tyler is the sad kid that no one talks to. he has no friends and doesn't plan to make any. his life could be better. josh has a girlfriend, but that doesn't stop him from loving tyler, righ...

  • band camp ⚣ ⌜joshler⌟
    395K 16.8K 31

    from june to august, a camp was held for teens ages 14 to 17. it was a camp created for aspiring musicians. it was divided into two, vocals and instruments. first fanfiction rip? trigger warnings***

  • pretty panties ☆ joshler (Discontinued)
    4.5K 148 14

    "Do you like them?" "I love them!" Trigger Warnings// Sexual Abuse, Self Harm and Graphic Content. 《 ColorfulJoshler 》

  • Paper Notes - [joshler]
    1.3K 105 16

    josh just gazed at tyler, wondering everything and anything about the strange boy, who doesn't speak. since the moment they met, which might I add was quite un-graceful, tyler hasn't said a word, just an occasional laugh, nothing much. but he was beautiful, and he had so much thought, josh could tell. - w: (not sure t...

  • The Messages// joshler [✔️]
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    I guess it's an average thing to text someone about your day. But what if there . . . Dead?

    Completed   Mature
  • oneshots; t.j. + j.d.
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    joshler oneshots. includes; sexual themes and content, soft fluff, and maybe a few sad points. oneshots containing sexual content will be marked. © angelictyler 2016

  • NYCTOPHILIA /Joshler/
    847 3 5

    Sad Tyler meets happy (fuckboy-ish) Joshua. *TRIGGER WARNING* Lots of mature rated stuff, including cussing even though I know Tyler and Josh are pure as fuck.

    141K 5.7K 28

    you don't know the half of the abuse. joshler||lowercase intended ||TRIGGER WARNING MATURE CONTENT||

  • confetti [joshler]
    102K 5.5K 24

    "i hate the ending myself but it started with an alright scene," original : ©ppartypoisonn spanish translation : ©blurryidols

  • catch me if you can // joshler
    162 16 2

    this is a oneshot joshler kinda based on the song catch me if you can by EDEN. ~ pasteltjjd TRIGGER: suicide attempt